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Michael Andrew met Michael Phelps at the 2014 Arena Grand Prix in Mesa. It wasn’t the first time the two Michaels actually met. They came face to face years ago, when Andrew was teeny tiny, at a Swim With The Stars event.

Michael Andrew met Michael Phelps many years before the Mesa Grand Prix.

Michael Andrew met Michael Phelps many years before the Mesa Grand Prix.

In Mesa, the media asked Michael Phelps and NBAC Coach Bob Bowman about the swimming phenom, particularly about Andrew’s method of training, Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT). Coach Bowman, a big proponent of laying a base of aerobic work,  said USRPT has great qualities, but it’s merely one part of a whole. Bowman would not train his athletes USRPT all of the time.  Both Bowman and Phelps added that they are happy for Andrew’s success and curious to see how he performs in long course meters.

Andrew went 23.08 in the 50 meter freestyle and 24.4 in the 50 meter butterfly (a time trial) in Mesa. After several weeks of vacation and very little time in the pool training, Andrew returns to elite competition at the 2014 Arena Grand Prix in Charlotte. Andrew shared that while he’s been thin on training since Mesa, he hopes his 50 speed will be there. Andrew’s gunning for a sub 23 second 50 meter free and a 24 low in the 50 meter butterfly.

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Michael Andrew is a P2 Life Athlete. 

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I’m blown away that anybody would think a college scholarship to Stanford would be something negative. I find it interesting that as a coach I pay my starting 15 yr old swimmers $15/hr 2teach in our learn to swim program where successful businesses think they will go broke if they pay their employees a decent wage. Yes, I think Michael Andrew will be an Olympian

Can we discuss the “9.0 seconds for the 25 in overspeed” claim? I think we decided that Dressel was 9.0/9.1 to his feet on his insane 19-low practice swim last summer. Reigning 25 freestyle world champ Tandy was half a body length ahead of the field with his 9.01 at NCAAs. The 18.6s from Morozov and Adrian came off of 9.1 front halves. (Cielo was 8.8 when suited up en route to his 18.4) I guess my point is that nobody repeats 9.0, even off the blocks with a touch finish. He and his dad must be playing with us, but if 9.25 is in the ballpark of his no-BS failure threshold for sprint 25s, just how close to 18… Read more »

Katie Ledecky is going to Stanford, its a shame Michael Andrew will never have that chance – – at least as a swim team member. Its gold medal or bust for him which is probably not the decision a 15 year old is equipped to make.

My understanding, from what I have read, is that Michael Andrew will be doing online University beginning in a year or two. If that is the case I anticipate he would have a University degree before, or around the same time as, Katie Ledecky.

There is a political divide in this country – for many people on the right the idea of going to Stanford is repugnant (as is the idea of going to Harvard and most other Universities). People on the left do not understand this mindset.

Why go to Stanford is repugnant? Because Katie is very religious? I believe she’s in a catholic high school. So what? Because there are very smart people there? I think she’s above all a very smart young girl, very well educated, with the head on the shoulders and with an open mind unlike many of the crazy far right guys of your country you talk about. And if we talk about repugnancy, let’s talk about that in a few words. What is more repugnant? That Katie goes to Stanford? Or that most of the crazy and dangerous right wing American politicians of today who block your Congress : – are bought by billionaires? – are bought by big oil companies?… Read more »
My point was not to express my right wing politics (Bobo – you did a good job – if I ever forget what I believe in I will try to check your post) and I am not disparaging Katie Ledecky’s choice. My point was that a scholarship to a “top” tier school is worth very little to many people and the idea of going there, even if free, carries no value (or negative value). This may be for any number of reasons but I would guess a primary one would be that the values of those on campus would not match the values of a “right-winger”. This concept is foreign to most people and I was simply trying to explain… Read more »

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