Michael Andrew Goes 1:45.1, Breaks 200 Back National Age Group Record

Michael Andrew has an uncanny knack for breaking National Age Group Records in threes. He did it at Winter Juniors, and he did it at the College Station Sectional last weekend. Along that vein, the young 14-year old had broken his third National-Age Group Record of the 2014 Jenks Sectional meet.

He swam a 1:45.14 in the 200 yard backstroke on Sunday evening which broke the 2013 record set by PEAK’s Benjamin Ho at 1:45.73 almost exactly a year ago.

The comparative splits:

Ho ’13 – 24.69/26.53/27.12/27.39 = 1:45.73
Andrew ’14 – 24.85/26.62/26.68/26.69 = 1:45.14

Andrew’s closing speed was impeccable in this race, and his splitting – in true USRPT fashion – was spot on, with a pair of 26.6 splits after his opening 50, followed by a 26.9.

Earlier in the meet, Andrew also broke National Age Group Records in the 50 free and in the 100 breast.

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You’ve got to be joking


Very impressive. He is now proving his ability to become a star on the world stage in a few years. I do think he should implement stretching and dry land work into his training program next year a few days a week. I think this will pay off dividends for his flexibility and power coming off the walls in particular. That is one area that Salo disagrees with the USRPT philosophy (no dry land).

He should have no problem taking down the 200 breast the next time he swims it and possible to 2 free as well.


Funny how at meets he only breaks NAG’s in trios.


Care to elaborate?


the last 4 or 5 times I can remember seeing posts about him its because he broke three records in a single meet


Clearly the ‘Rule of 3’ is in play here….(and not the one from coding c++, but the one that keeps Hollywood awake at night)…

Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, 13-14 200 IM NAG

Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse, 13-14 100 free NAG

Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper, 13-14 200 back NAG

David Carradine, American Exceptionalism, 13-14 100 breast NAG

Terrell Owens, Newt Gingrich, 13-14 200 free NAG.

Whoops, forget that last one, just came back from the future w/my hover board.


obviously “rule” is a strong word. It is something interesting that has happened a few times. While we are on the subject though what happened to Terrell Owens? steroid related issues I’m assuming


You must ducking, because that was flying pretty low, and still went over your head. *whoosh*

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