Metro Sigma Represent USA at Tricolore Youth Sports Games in Italy

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July 18th, 2023 Club, National, News, Video

Courtesy: Sigma Swimming

A wonderful opportunity has arisen for a group of Fort Worth, Texas swimmers for Sigma Swimming-Metroplex Aquatics! This group of athletes has been chosen to represent not just their club, LSC, and the state of Texas, but ALSO the United States at the upcoming 7th Tricolore Youth Sports Games from July 24th to July 30th, 2023. The Tricolore Games, occurring every four years in Fort Worth’s sister city of Reggio Emilia, Italy, was crafted in the image of the Olympic Games. The Tricolore Games began in 1997 as an international celebration created to inspire unity and peace among athletes from around the world. Organizers will host cultural and educational events to educate the athletes of the importance of using sport as a cross-cultural connection that can break down barriers, facilitate cultural awareness, and establish meaningful relationships. Since the inception of the Tricolore Games, Fort Worth Sister Cities International has partnered with organizers in Italy to usher a new class of competition for young athletes, working with local schools and teams to build a roster of talented and engaged representatives.

This year, the theme of the games is “Sports can change people; People can change the world”, and this statement should stand as a pillar as we witness the next generation explore their opportunities to represent each other, their home nations, and the spirit of competition among peers. Swimming has always been a sport desiring to be on the cutting edge of international competition, and it will continue to do so in Reggio Emilia at the end of this summer. The fortunate group of athletes, led by coaches Abby Harbour and Coralee Flug of Sigma Swimming-Metroplex Aquatics, embark on their journey across the Atlantic in the coming days and we can only be excited for them as they look towards their competition including 19 countries and 26 cities. Here we can see our eager group below!

This year, our swimmers will be led by Jackson Beck (15) and Valeria Venegas (15) in the Men’s and Women’s divisions, respectively. Rounding out the rest of our group, we have Mia Brown (12), Victoria Crews 15), Charlotte Ewert (14), Abigail Mitchell (13), Isabella Mitchell (15), Harris Purcell (15), Michael Spillers (14), Cayden Stewart (15), Hannah Wroblewski (13), and Daniel Zimpelman (15). With the hearts of the DFW metroplex, the state of Texas, and the United States behind them, they will look to reach new heights on a new continent at the end of July. They will be outfitted with racing gear, swim swag, and of course a patriotic showing for the opening ceremony and beyond all thanks to their sponsors through Sigma Swimming-Metroplex and Speedo USA. In the spirit of international travel and competition alike, we hope our athletes truly expose themselves to the sights and sounds of the world around them, inundated with culture and mystique. But, they also hope to bring a little culture with them, too – of course, having to stuff it in between all the aforementioned swimming gear in their bags. Fort Worth, Funkytown, or Cowtown can all fit synonymously and brings with it a rich culture of the Old West and of course the renowned Stockyards. Only fitting, our athletes spent a little time putting their own steps on display.


Video courtesy of Sigma Swimming.

Looking ahead to what’s next, it’s safe to say there may be cowboy hats and boots making their appearances in the land of pastas, pizzas, and Popes. This event via Tricolore and Sister Cities International, and other events like it, act as an impetus for change and an opportunity for growth across peoples. “Sports can change people; People can change the world.” What’s in a phrase? I think our group of young swimmers can attest to the honor they’ve received and hope to embody that in Reggio Emilia. If anything, competitions like this bring a wealth of perspective and exposure, bringing swimming and all of the other included sports to a world stage. Let’s wish Team USA the best of luck as they embark on their journey!

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2 months ago

The eyes of Texas will be upon all these young athletes — and hoping for victory!