Marsh: I Tell My Swimmers the First Thing You Have to Do is Believe

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5 years ago

Why did Marsh move to San Diego? Seems odd that he’s coaching a Div 2 school.

Reply to  Mac
5 years ago


Reply to  Kathy
5 years ago

What Kathy said.

Also, the school is transitioning to D1, easy locale to attract a pro group to, and maybe the challenge of building a ‘new’ D1 program?

Swim Fan
Reply to  Braden Keith
5 years ago

They may transition but nothing has been approved and they were denied months ago. Everyone is hoping it will come together as UCSD doesn’t belong in Division 2 but the school is not transitioning at this time. They would fit right in with the MPSF and hopefully we would see the return of Big West Swimming and Diving.

Reply to  Mac
5 years ago

He’s getting paid to enjoy the good cali green

Oh and the weather/swim culture is pretty nice there

Reply to  Mac
5 years ago

Because he got kicked out of SwimMac and had to get out of Dodge!

5 years ago

It’s easy to believe when Marsh Daddy is your coach!

Reply to  Mikeh
5 years ago

His voice can have a serious positive impact on believing ….as i can sense .

Rob Harriman
5 years ago

Do you have open practices…I live in Solana Beach and would like to watch. I am former assistant coach to George Haines;
the San Clara Swim Club..

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