David Marsh Takes On Professional Adviser Role With Israeli Swimming

Coach for the 2016 U.S. Women’s Olympic squad, David Marshwill now be adding another credential to his impressive resume. While remaining in Charlotte and in his role as SwimMAC Carolina CEO, Marsh has been tapped as ‘Professional Adviser’ to the Israeli Swimming Federation, aimed at preparing the nation’s elite squad for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

With the Israel Swimming Association announcing this month that Head Coach Leonid Kaufman would leave that role and instead take on the position of Head of Field Development, the squad will be infused with Marsh’s experience as the coach of myriad Olympians over his storied career. Most recently, 50 freestyle Olympic Champion Anthony Ervin joined SwimMAC Team Elite in his immediate preparations leading up to Rio.

Marsh, who is visiting Netanya, Israel this week, will reportedly visit the nation every couple of months for two-week stints, assessing and evaluating his training methods in practice. Kayo Kagevish will act as assistant, working more individually with swimmers and traveling with the elite squad to international competitions.

Marsh gave a press conference today to lay out his vision and training plan for the next quadrennial. Said the former Auburn University coach, “Swimming is one of the most global sports. I’m here [in Israel] because of my familiarity with people and contact with people is the most important thing to me.

“The way forward is combining Israeli swim clubs and professional coaches into a network. I see a unique challenge working with Israeli swimming. I’ve always had good relations with the Israelis and I think that there is untapped potential. Not because swimmers do not train hard, but more a question of if they believe they can achieve big things.

“My vision is to see the Israeli flag flying high at the World Championships and the Olympics, with Israeli swimmers leaping into the water with intention.”

Marsh said the high level plan is for Israeli swimmers to practice in the U.S., bringing Senior Olympic swimmers to various stateside training camps. “If you train with the best, you see you at their own pace and sometimes winning them, then you’ll feel more confident in your own ability.”

“There is an openness and hunger to learn. Great athletes are excellent not only because they were born so, but they continue to develop patience in the process.”

All quotes are translated via Google Translate. The press conference transcript can be found here.


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Pat Pendley
6 years ago

David Marsh, is your Mother named Beverly and originally from Cummings, Ga.

6 years ago

Does swimmac still receive $$ as a USA center of Excellence? Or has that money dried up?

Reply to  Mikeh
6 years ago

that money disappeared many moons ago. in fact there are no centers of excellence since Busch came onto the scene. but it was only good for 4 years and i think Marsh got there in 2007?

Reply to  weirdo
6 years ago

Thank you, then I suppose there is no immediate material contradiction to him helping another country’s swimmers.

Reply to  mikeh
6 years ago

Gearing up for Rio, marsh had swimmers from 6 non-US countries.

Interesting that the club is allowing him to be off site 25% of the time. Rumor is he will no longer be head coach at Mac.

Reply to  MacMom
6 years ago

MacMom…sounds like you have an ax to grind. Most teams host foreign swimmers…even the USOC hosts foreign athletes at their camps…it’s part of the training at the elite level. (don’t worry, the foreign swimmers are responsible for taking your kid’s spot).

Reply to  Mikeh
6 years ago

That money dried up. Marsh was also stripped of his CEO title after an executive director had to be appointed to address Marsh putting the club in debt to the tune of $500,000 in 2016.

Reply to  MacMom
6 years ago

SwimMAC is doing just fine. They did have trouble because of a Cheif Financial Officer ended up being incompetent and sneaky however was exposed and at the direction of the CEO fired. Coach Marsh then gathered his many supporters and remarkably lead six USA athletes on to the Olympic team winning 8 medals! WOW. He continues to be innovative and seeking new ways to make SwimMAC the USA better by exposing younger swimmers to the world of swimming not just a regional bubble. Finally my kids have thrived under his leadership, as I am not lost in the fact that the many great coaches we have would not be in Charlotte if not to come and learn from him. His… Read more »

Reply to  MACDad
6 years ago

never mentioned or questioned coaching abilitiy. Only stated his position as CEO was pulled. Marsh hired Drawz, so if he is the issue, one would argue that Marsh is accountable for his actions as his direct report. If that is not a fact, please clarify.

Happy to hear your children have thrived, and that these managemental issues have not had a negative impact on your family.

6 years ago

Kayo Kagevish? Isn’t that Kajevic Kajo? The italian stallion?

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