Marcus Titus Pushing Back on Olympic Trials Rules

The social-sphere is abuzz late on this Wednesday night with Marcus Titus’ quest to get USA Swimming to overturn a ruling regarding the Olympic Trials. Titus, who is deaf, says that he has been working with USA Swimming surrounding getting hand signals put in place for the Olympic Trials. They were being used as recently as the Indianapolis Grand Prix, where he won the 100 breaststroke.

Titus’ Facebook page is currently adding about 200 people per hour.

We’ve reached out to Titus, USA Swimming, and FINA for comment on the matter. We’ll hold back much in the way of commentary until we give all interested parties a chance to respond.

Here’s the Facebook page, where Titus has posted more information, as well as a letter he received from USA Swimming on the matter. This seems to be picking up a lot of steam in the swimming community, so keep it on your radars. We wanted to open the conversation up, and get people thinking about the subject. Be ready to go tomorrow.

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I am currently working on a Ph.D. thesis about Deaf people and their ordeals. It’s unbelievable the sorts of problems they must endure, and the lack of understanding of their situation. Also, the lack of technology.

This is but a small example of their struggles – very disturbing, nevertheless!


So USA Swimming won’t accommodate Titus because FINA won’t accommodate him? Am I correct on this? USA swimming should be standing up for their athletes. 1. This is an incredibly easy change to procedure that in no way gives a deaf swimmer an advantage. The hand signals are already allowed under USAS rules 2. USA Swimming needs to stand up for what is right and just. The US is the premier swimming nation in the world. Their support on this issue should surely mean something in changing FINA rules to allow deaf swimmers to compete at the international level. I know we do not have control over FINA but this rule needs to be changed. Perhaps USA Swimming allowing these… Read more »


Very well said! Completely agree.


via “USA Swimming Discriminates against Deaf swimmer” facebook page:
‘Progress!! I just received word from my former coach, Frank Busch that he will be requiring hand signals for all races and all events at the trials. I just need to get this in writing for official confirmation from USA swimming! Thank you everyone for pushing this issue!’

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