Maltsev Wins Three Golds At Virtual Artistic Swimming World Series Event

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May 30th, 2021 Synchronized Swimming

Courtesy: FINA

Canada virtually hosted another successful competition this weekend, from May 29-30, the fourth leg of the 2021 circuit of the  FINA Artistic Swimming World Series.  The event saw participation from 17 countries and three clubs from the Czech Republic, a remarkable increase from the first virtual ASWS. Jamaica and Cayman Islands participated for the first time in a World Series event.

The 12 events were presented professionally in a video production and included great commentating by Karine Thomas (CAN) and Bill May (USA). Both Thomas and May are Artistic Swimming superstars, and their expertise and knowledge of the sport, resulted in a wonderful addition of commentaries and analysis.

Over the weekend, multiple World Champion Russian Aleksandr Maltsev was unbeatable and added three more gold medals to his already grand collection of trophies. Maltsev won the Male Solo Technical with an impressive 89.8282, while he clinched gold in the Mixed events with Mayya Gurbanberdieva in the Technical routine (89.8193) and Olesia Platonova in the Free routine (92.4667). Japan’s Jimma Iwasaki collected 81.8667 points in the Male Solo Free for gold.

With the Olympic Qualification Event only a few weeks away and eight available spots in the Duet event for Tokyo up for grabs, the Technical and Free Duets included several participants seeking the qualification. Winning the both gold medals (84.6649, 86.3333), was USA’s duet composed of Anita Alvarez and Lindi Schroeder.

First-time participant Asaka Hosokawa of Japan took the top honour in the Solo Technical (82.2329), while Canada’s Jacqueline Simoneau was the best in the Solo Technical (90.7000). Ruby Remati (USA), Lara Mechnig (LIE)  and Anita Alvarez (USA) also medaled in these events.

Team Belarus won the gold medal in the Technical Team event with 81.0866 points. Performing their “Funny Skeletons” routine to modern remix music by Living Tombstone, Belarus added points to their Team Ranking for the ASWS prize monies in the Team category. The Free Team was topped by USA (89.0667).

Team Spain was the best in the Free Combo (87.4333), while Canada shone in the Highlight Routine (87.9667).

Next up for Artistic Swimming is the Super Final of the Artistic Swimming World Series in Barcelona (ESP), from June 10 – 14, 2021.  National Federations will be able to continue earning points during the Super Final and the prize money associated with the 2021 ASWS will be distributed after the Super Final based upon the points scored at a minimum of two ASWS legs. The Super Final will be held in conjunction with the Olympic Qualification event to determine the final qualifiers for Tokyo.

You can read detailed news reports on FINA website here, while photos and videos can be seen on FINA social media. Rankings are available here.

Medallists this weekend:

Solo Technical: 1. Asaka Hosokawa (JPN) 82.2329; 2. Ruby Remati (USA) 82.0855; 3. Lara Mechnig (LIE) 80.8713

Solo Free: 1. Jacqueline Simoneau (CAN) 90.7000; Anita Alvarez (USA) 87.0667; Asaka Hosokawa (JPN) 84.7333

Male Solo Technical: 1. Aleksandr Maltsev (RUS) 89.8282; 2. Fernando Diaz Del RioSoto (ESP) 75.9238

Male Solo Free: 1. Jimma Iwasaki (JPN) 81.8667; 2. Fernando Diaz Del Rio Soto (ESP) 79.7000

Duet Technical: 1. Anita Alvarez / Lindi Schroeder (USA) 84.6649; 2. Uta Kobayashi / Ami Wada (JPN) 83.5193; 3. Marlene Bojer / Michelle Zimmer (GER) 80.7454

Duet Free: 1. Anita Alvarez / Lindi Schroeder (USA) 86.3333; 2. Gema Arquero Ortiz / Gabriela Fernandez Ceppi (ESP) 84.5000; Marlene Bojer / Michele Zimmer /GER) and Yuriko Mitsuhashi / Asaka Hosokawa (JPN) 82.5667

Mixed Duet Technical: 1. Aleksandr Maltsev  / Mayya Gurbanberdieva (RUS) 89.8193; 2. Emma Garcia / Pau Ribes (ESP) 83.9086; Nicole Torrens Mercado / Javier Ruisanchez Torres Zayas (PUR)

Mixed Duet Free: 1. Aleksandr Maltsev / Olesia Platonova (RUS) 92.4667; 2. Emma Garcia / Pau Ribes (ESP) 85.9333; 3. Hiyori Okano / Yotaro Sato (JPN) 77.7333

Team Technical: 1. Belarus 81.0866; Korea 78.9421

Team Free: 1. USA 89.0667; 2. Spain 86.5000, 3. Belarus 83.1000

Free Combination: 1. Spain 87.4333 ; 2. Belarus 81.1667

Highlight: 1. Canada 87.9667; 2. Belarus 82.500

2021 FINA Artistic Swimming World Series calendar (provisional):

1. USA – Virtual Event – February 20-11
2. Budapest (HUN) – April 10-11
3. Kazan (RUS) – April 16-18
4. CAN – Virtual Event – May 29-30
6. Alexandroupolis (GRE) – June 4-6

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