Magnussen Quietly Clocks 50-flat 100 Free In Local Port Macquarie Meet

Two-time World Champion James Magnussen has slowly been ramping up his racing since his 2016 Rio Olympic campaign. In addition to competing across the Mare Nostrum circuit already this season, the Australian sprinter took on his hometown Port Macquarie talent at a local meet.

Competing at the Port Macquarie Long Course Qualifying meet, Maggie took to the pool against youngsters in awe of the Olympian’s presence, while also getting some competition in prior to the high-profile meets leading up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Maggie, who missed out on the 2015 World Championships due to shoulder surgery and narrowly made Australia’s Olympic squad in a relay role in Rio, is looking to the Gold Coast-hosted Games as his return to top-tier elite status.

“Some people plan in four-year cycles and look towards Tokyo whereas I’m just planning it a year at a time at the moment,” he said before this past weekend’s competition.

“I don’t think that crossroads moment is necessarily now; it’ll be something that I will take stock of and think about after the Commonwealth Games.”

26-year-old Maggie put down a time of 50.03 to win the 100m freestyle at his Port Macquarie meet, off his 2017 fastest of 48.68, but enough to get his fast-twitch muscles working. His race also reportedly came after warming up an hour and a half before, while also signing autographs prior to competition, which are not ideal conditions.

Maggie’s coach Mitch Falvey told the Camden Haven Courier“Normally you warm up and then half an hour later you race. James warmed up and then had an hour and 20 minutes where he didn’t do anything other than take photos and sign autographs which isn’t what you normally do.”

Falvey continued, “I don’t believe that time is an indication of where he’s at at all. We’re focusing more on the process rather than the outcome at the moment.

“We’ll do another time trial this week where we can control the conditions a little bit better and then see where he’s at.”

Falvey said, “We’re hoping by Queensland state titles in December he’s swimming 48 low, 47 high – that’s the goal.”

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Caeleb Dressel WILL get 7 golds in Tokyo

47 high always seems to be the goal doesn’t it?

crooked donald

Unless you’re Dressel, then it’s 46 high.

Coach Mike 1952

Oh heck, 46 mid the way the guy’s swimming. Why not?

crooked donald

You’re right. Mid to low. The guy’s still young.


Sure, Dressel at 21 is still young.

But how can people be so certain he’ll improve significantly more?
And yes, 47.2 to 46mid is SIGNIFICANTLY FASTER.
And 46 low? mmkaaayyyy…..

Remember that Cielo, Magnussen, Adrian, McEvoy, Manaudou, Zetao hit their fastest in 100 free when they were 21-22, and no longer faster after they turned 23.

50 free is a different matter.


Dressel was only 20 when he went 47.17. Which was a drop of .8 from the previous summer. Cielo went 47.67 at 2008 Olympics as a 21 year old. His best time as a 20 year old was 48.51. He ended up going 46.91 at 22. Adrian went 48.00 as a 20 year old, 48.15 at 21, 48.05 at 22, and then had his breakthrough at 23 to go 47.52 (his best). McEvoy is only 23 now. He posted his best at 22. Even of this recent crop they’ve all demonstrated significant drops from 20 to 22, which would be the next 2 summers for Dressel. And Adrian has shown it’s possible to hang onto that form as his second… Read more »

Justin Thompson

That’s actually a pretty solid comment. ?


1. Dressel was 20 year 11 months in Budapest. Fine by me if you prefer to say he’s 20 yo instead of 21 yo. 2. Cielo was wearing LZR in Beijing and X-Glide in Rome. And yes, he stopped swimming faster than when he was 22. You have proven my point, thank you. 3. Adrian has never been anywhere closer to his 47.5 beyond London. That single swim is clearly an outlier. 4. McEvoy swam his 47.04 when he was 21 yo (by the way, I’m using your standard that 20y11months is 20 yo instead of 21). Check it out. And yes, McEvoy has never been anywhere near that 47.0 again 5. So you think Dressel will swim 46low to… Read more »


You’re forgetting that NCAA swimmers often peak in LCM after they leave the scy system


For one NCAA swimmer that get faster in LCM after finishing college swimming, I can provide you with two swimmers who actually got slower.


That’s because most aren’t able to keep up with rigorous training after school ends due to financial reasons. That won’t be a problem for dressel.

Justin Thompson

At what point do we round up on age? 9, 10, 11 months?


Am bewildered as to why this has that many downvotes. Good facts!

Justin Thompson

Hurt Schooling fan triggered by Crooked Donald.


I am neither Schooling nor Dressel, and unlike some people, has never taken anything they do as my personal achievement 😀

By the way, I doubt Schooling shed a tear, seeing he has individual Olympics gold, conquered Phelps-LeClos-Cseh in the process, regarded as national hero in his country and showered with millions of dollars, not to mention 3 years straight helping Texas as national champions 🙂


The middle of the road unbiased fan with the handle of SCHOOLINGFTW

Justin Thompson

Dressel is making the US men’s 4×100 free relay great again ?

Caeleb Dressel WILL get 7 golds in Tokyo

I mean for JM


It’s Grand Finals for both AFL & Rugby League . As a former local rugby league player , Maggie is at home to enjoy the weekend .

I didn’t watch either but so far , no reports of kneeling the national anrthem & fgs no God Save The Queen . ( Not that many would even recognise it any more ) .


Possibly. If he does well he will definitely swim until Tokyo. If he doesn’t then I wouldn’t be surprised to see him leave.


The issue will be; will he make the time and in what capacity ? Whilst CG does allow 3 entrants per nation in each individual events; realistically he is at best 4th seed for AUS (behind Chalmers, McEvoy & Cartwright) and unless one of them has injury/illness between now and CG Trials, he’s realistically looking at relay only. Even with GBR splitting into component nations, in most relays there will only be sufficient teams entered to fill a final so in 100/200s, its most likely going to be finish top 4 to be selected given absence of heats. Can he break into that top 3 ? Maybe, but his cause would probably be aided by the scenario set out above… Read more »


Usa isnt exactly unbeatable in the 4×100… I know AUS has a… history.. but surely with such talent in these 4 there is a shot at gold in Tokyo

Aussie crawl

Potentially there are 4 guys which can swim 47 in a relay. The yanks are beatable.
Pan pacs in 2018 will show.


Hopefully Aussies peak for pan pacs over CG.
I think both US and Aussies could have 4 47 second swimmers. Both could have a 46, but that looks more likely for the US than Australia. Don’t think Mag will ever get down there again though


I doubt they will be in form March April & August 2018 . I’d say a few will do the euro tour ( ok maybe not Barcelona) & see how they are holding up .Many will decide to retire or go on based on that rather than PPs.
Is it a US trial for 2019 again? If so , there will be some good times by them but no not Aussies.


I believe the US nationals and Pan Pacs count as qualification for 2019, so our swimmer should be in top form


Who is that 4th 47sec swimmer ? If we’re talking 47flat start then if you include JM, you have four …. but his last sub48 swim is the best part of 4 years ago. If you’re excluding JM, then I’d be curious as to the identity of this 4th man ? As it is, we still have to see how Chalmers fronts up post heart op. Aussies prioritising PP over CG ?? That would be the logical and intelligent option for all except those looking to “collect their pensions” post CG …… indeed the makeup of the CAN CG team indicates they are taking this line but I sadly fear that too many AUS swimmers are still living in a… Read more »

Justin Thompson

My ? on the USA ??

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