LSU Coach Schmitt Resigns

Update: Comments in LSU student paper reveals reasons behind firing.

BATON ROUGE – Adam Schmitt has resigned from his position as LSU’s head swimming and diving coach, vice chancellor and director of athletics Joe Alleva announced on Tuesday.

Schmitt recently completed his sixth season with the Tigers. In his six years with the Tigers, Schmitt led the LSU women to two top 20 finishes (17th in 2007 and 16th in 2009), while the men finished in the top 25 one time (21st in 2005).

LSU placed seventh in both the men’s and women’s competition at the 2010 Southeastern Conference Championships in February. The LSU men finished 29th at the NCAA meet this year, while the women recorded a 30th place finish.

“I want to thank Adam for his efforts during the time that he spent here as the head coach of our swimming and diving program,” Alleva said. “We wish Adam and his family success in any of their future endeavors.”

Alleva said a search for Schmitt’s replacement would begin immediately.

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