Lochte Says Michael Phelps Will Go Down as Greatest Ever – Video Interview

11-time Olympic medalists, Ryan Lochte, comment on his friend and rival Michael Phelps in the FINA Worlds press conference courtesy of Universal Sports.

SwimSwam / Braden Keith coverage of 2013 FINA World Championship – Men’s 200 Freestyle Final:

Coming into this meet, Bob Bowman had coached either the gold or silver medalist in the 200 free at the last four World Championships.

This year, he coached both the gold and the silver medalist, as France’s Yannick Agnel led this race basically wire-to-wire to win in 1:44.20, and his training partner Conor Dwyer from the United States took silver in 1:45.32.

Both swimmers are recent transfers to Bob Bowman’s program in North Baltimore, but both have been with him for long enough to consider him as having a significant influence on their performances.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Danila Izotov, the world leader coming into the meet, was 3rd in 1:45.59. Ryan Lochte got off to a slow start, sitting 6th after the first 50, and though he made a lot of that ground up going into the 100 meter turn, he just didn’t have the endurance on the last 50 to make any more room.

I wouldn’t call this 1-4 finish order an ‘upset,’ but I certainly doubt that it’s what many would have picked after Agnel’s health issues that initially had him choosing to scratch this event altogether, and then not looking great (1:47.0) through the first two rounds. Dwyer too had already been four-out-of-his-five best times in the last 6 weeks, but knocked almost another full second off of the time that earned him this swim for that silver medal.

Japan’s Kosuke Hagino took 5th in 1:45.94, followed by Great Britain’s Robbie Renwick (1:46.52), Australia’s Cameron McEvoy (1:46.63), and the other Australian Thomas Fraser-Holmes.

Full men’s 200 free finals results available here.

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Wahoo Strong

Ryan Lochte said that with grace. People don’t give him enough credit. It must be hard to constantly get questions about Michael, but he really does handle it well, and he gives Michael the credit he deserves. I also believe that Ryan’s pure love of the sport of swimming, as well as racing, are what keeps him motivated. I really do think Ryan is a legend too. Love his kind attitude towards his legions of fans too. Never says no to taking a picture. 🙂


i couldn’t agree more. 200mfree didn’t go well, but tomorrow with the 200m medley will surely be better.

bobo gigi

Michael as greatest ever! Wow! What a revelation!


I think he finally has come to terms with it:)


Really? He has toned down a little his rhetoric. This time last year he called Phelps “one of the best swimmers in the world”, clearly not wanting to recognize him as the best swimmer ever. That was very disrespectful. I’m glad he’s managed somehow to put his ego aside and state the obvious.


Do you not understand competition? There are certain things athletes say to build up their own confidence. It’s not disrespectful, it’s survival. Now that they are no longer competing, it makes perfect sense to let down the facade.


Chad le Clos managed to beat Phelps while repeating constantly how Phelps was his childhood hero and idol. It’s not necessary to act like an ego maniac to build your own confidence and self esteem.


Being his idol and hero are completely different than saying he is the greatest. In your head, saying someone else is the greatest ever, already gives them an edge on you. saying they are one of the best ever, makes you think they are still beatable. It is mental. It is like instead of saying “if I” you say “when I” to make yourself responsible for your actions when you dont.


This is a bit of a BS argument don’t you think. I have personally never witnessed any swimmer in US swimming being disrespectful. I mean how thin is our skin when we think someone saying it is “their time” is being disrespectful. I have heard from coaches, friends, etc… that Lochte has been known to be kept at the pool for hours after his competition to give fans of the sport time with him. He has been completely selfless in what he gives back to the sport. Disrespectful to me is performance enhancing drugs or sucker punching a fellow swimmer in a bar (Nick D’Arcy). The swimming world will have to fill a pretty large hole when Lochte retires.


Lochte knows that his best year was 2011 and he’s never matching that again. He didn’t show much class when he was on top in 2010 and 2011 declaring “This is my time and I don’t care what anybody has to say about it”.

Phelps never publically thumped his chest like that. Even with Cavic’s taunting he let his swimming do the talking as he did with Lochte in the 200IM in London.

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