Lilly King’s ISL Unbeaten Streak Snapped By Annie Lazor After 30 Races


Lilly King‘s historic undefeated streak has come to an end.

The Cali Condor superstar had been untouchable throughout her ISL career, winning every time she hit the water through seven matches and 30 races. If we include all three rounds of the two skins events she won, King had touched first in 34 consecutive appearances.

King’s Unbeaten Streak

  • 7 50 Breaststroke wins
  • 7 100 Breaststroke wins
  • 7 200 Breaststroke wins
  • 7 Women’s 400 Medley Relay wins
  • 2 Breaststroke Skins wins (six total 50m races)

The run was snapped during Match 10, with King facing Indiana training partner Annie Lazor, who competes for the London Roar, in the women’s 200 breast.

King led from the jump, up 1.15 seconds through the 50, but a massive middle 100 launched Lazor into the lead, splitting 1:10.43 to King’s 1:12.17. Trailing by nearly six-tenths with two lengths to go, King came back on the last 50, gaining 0.45 in 34.40, but it wasn’t enough as Lazor touched in 2:17.04 to King’s 2:17.18.

The time for King is a bit off of what she’s done in previous matches, having hit back-to-back personal bests in Match 4 (2:16.04) and Match 8 (2:15.80). She went about the same time as she did here — 2:17.11 — in winning Match 1, and came into the season with a best of 2:17.03 from last season.

For Lazor, the swim was a new personal best, lowering the 2:17.87 she swam in Match 8.

It was the perfect storm for King to lose, adding just over a second and Lazor dropping just under a second.

In Match 8, Emily Escobedo pushed King to her best time, going 2:16.51 to King’s 2:15.80. King also had a close call in the 50 (Molly Hannis) and the 100 (Alia Atkinson) in Match 8, along with a tight battle with the London Roar in the medley relay, and then had to fend off Atkinson in the breaststroke skins.

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1 year ago


1 year ago

Just after SwimSwam posts an article about how dominant King is in skins and her 30 race win streak. Lol

Regardless, congrats to the 2. what a tight race. King had a very good streak but Lazor just got her.

1 year ago

Guerra your take?

Reply to  Khachaturian
1 year ago

Annie Lazor is also part of the IU pro group

Sun Yangs Hammer
1 year ago

“Fake news. Swim swim is radical media #iugreatest #loozenumber1 #IUgoldtokyo”

-Guerra probably

1 year ago

made it personal it’s all I needed

1 year ago

“Women’s” is misspelled in the title. “womne’s 200 breaststroke”

1 year ago

“Fire(d by) the Lazor!”

1 year ago

I haven’t watched the race, but it looks like on the splits that Lilly struggled badly on the 3rd 50. Maybe she was testing a specific race strategy or a stroke tempo. Congrats to Annie. Her swim was awesome (a lifetime best)! Although she didn’t go to Indiana University, she’s training with the Pro Group under the watchful eye and guidance of “The GOAT”, Ray Looze. If I know Lilly, she’ll rise from the ashes like a phoenix and be back with a vengeance beyond belief. #IUnnumber1, #IUfootball2020bigtenchamps, #IUfootballwhippedmichiganhahaha, #rayloozegoatcoach

Last edited 1 year ago by Guerra

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