Dear Katrina: Olympic Coach, Ross Gerry Dryland Part Two

Dear Katrina brings you part two with Olympic Coach, former Stanford Coach, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Ross Gerry….

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The Elizabeth Beisel Photo Vault

Swim Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures

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The Park Tae Hwan Photo Vault

Swim Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures

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The State of Drowning Prevention in September, 2012

Cullen Jones has been the figurehead for the drowning prevention program in the United States. (Photo Courtesy: ©Tim Binning/


The Kosuke Kitajima Photo Vault

Swim News: Japan’s Olympic Icon in images (Swim Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)

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To Drink or not to Drink on a Recruiting Trip

Swim News: Rick Paine reports on the do’s and don’t’s during a college recruiting trip. (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)


The Cesar Cielo Photo Vault

Swim News: Cielo, 100 freestyle prelim start, 2010 Pan Pacific Championships (Swim Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)

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5 things swimmers miss most about the off-season

Odds are you’re just getting back into training and remembering how hard swimming actually is. Callum Ng has 5 things you might be missing and some tips to deal with your pain. (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)


Tyler Clary Skips White House Visit To Race Cars, Lands on TMZ

Swim News: Tyler Clary test drives race cars, and more! (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)


Gary to Dave to Readers: Sayonara.

Our 25th Columniversary Present to You: Quitting.


Dear Katrina: Dryland with Olympic Swim Coach, Ross Gerry

Dear Katrina, I want to get stronger. What do you recommend? I have the pleasure of introducing you to Ross…


2012 Tiburon Sprint Classic Photo Vault

Swim News: Fred Bousquet, former world record holder in the meters 50 freestyle, NCAA Champion, European Champion. (Swim photos & artwork provided Mike Lewis, @Mike2swim and


The Josh Schneider Photo Vault

Swim News, swim photo: Josh Schneider, RCP Tiburon Sprint Classic king and NCAA Swimming Champion (photo credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)

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Ryan Lochte to star on NBC 30 Rock

Swim News: Lochte furthers his Hollywood career starring opposite Tina Fey, aka Liz Lemon! (Photo Courtesy: ©Tim Binning/

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The Eric Shanteau Photo Vault

Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures


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