Why High School and Masters Swimming Coaches are using USRPT (Video Series)

High School Swim Coach Amy Webb describes their implementation of USRPT with the Fairview HS Boys Swim Team in Boulder, CO.

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The Importance of a Strong Parent / Child Relationship in Swimming

The key to establishing and maintaining a strong parent / child relationship is to love your child regardless of their performance. By providing this unconditional love, you will build the foundation for a strong relationship for many years to come.


What is going on in our heads when we swim?

What’s going on in our heads when we swim? If you’re a typical swimmer, an ocean of noise — concerns, fears, urges, goals, hunger pangs — rushes in.

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5 Reasons We Swim

Reasons why we swim? Work ethic? Friends? Vanity? Here are my reasons. Tell me why you swim…

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The toxic truth about pools and the air quality problems they can create – Video

All information in this video was sourced from the CDC and World Health Organization websites. The chemical byproducts listed are real, and we encourage everyone who watches this video to do the research for themselves.


The 5 Stages of Recovery from a Swimming Injury

#2 COMMIT – “Commit not only to your rehab program, but commit to coming back to the sport. Without looking at the end goal the days of rehab to follow will be ten fold harder.”

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10 things swimmers do during practice

So what type of things do we do, and think, during practice? Here is a list of the top 10 things a swimmer does or thinks during practice.


If you swam and now suffer from Halux Valgus or Hammer Toe, read this Olympic Testimonial

Courtesy of Gary Hall Sr., 10-time World Record Holder, 3-time Olympian, 1976 Olympic Games US Flagbearer and The Race Club co-founder.


SwimOutlet.com Launches Official 2015/16 Racing Suit Technology Guide Together with Its Annual 2015 Tech Suit Reviews

Suits covered in the 2015 Tech Suit Reviews include traditional swim brands such as Arena, TYR, blueseventy and Dolfin, as well as relative newcomers to the U.S. market Hammerhead, Jaked and Rocket Science Sports.

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Confessions of a Swim Mom: I Missed my Swimmer’s Event

If you are a swim parent for any duration of time, you will eventually feel the guilty sting of accidentally missing your child’s event.


Pro Talk: Performance-Enhancing Drugs

In part 2 of the Florida Swim Network’s “Pro Talk” series with Eric McGinnis, Roy Burch, and Elvis Burrows, the…


5 Misconceptions of Gold Medal Clubs and the Truth

Swimming for a gold medal club is tough. Here are five misconceptions about gold medal clubs that always win the state meet.


THE VIKING MANIFESTO Part 7: How Do I Get Started on the LCHF Diet?

This week, the Swim Viking dives into the specifics of how to put a low-carb, high-fat diet into action.


When you are a swim coach and your child swims do you buy the expensive kneeskin suit for your kid?

A Division I head swimming coach struggles over whether or not to buy the expensive kneeskin suits for his kids, only 7 and 10 years old. What would you do?


4 Things to Do to Get Your Mind Right Pre-Race

Mental noise, internal and external pressure, and the environment can greatly determine any race’s success.

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