Lakeisha Patterson Breaks S8 World Record In 400 Free In Rio


  • Wednesday, September 7 – Sunday, September 18, 2016
  • Swimming: Thursday, September 8 – Saturday, September 17, 2016
  • Olympic Aquatics Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Prelims 9:30 AM / Finals 5:30 PM (local time)
  • IPC World Records
  • Live stream links: NBC / IPC
  • Schedule/Results

Australia’s Lakeisha Patterson beat American Jessica Long for the Rio Paralympic gold medal while breaking Long’s world record in the 400 free.

Patterson went 4:40.33 to shave a tenth of a second off the world record and pick up her first Paralympic medal – a gold in the S8 400 free.

The old record was a 4:40.44, set last spring by Long at the at the Parapan American Games in the spring of 2015. Long was second behind Patterson in Rio, but was well off her best, going 4:47.82.

Patterson has been a fast-rising competitor over the past three years. She broke out internationally at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, rising to the bronze medal spot in the 100 free.

She nabbed five total medals at the 2015 IPC World Championships in Scotland last summer, including a win in the 4×100 free relay. She was only the bronze medal winner in this 400 free in 2015, finishing behind Long and fellow Australian Maddison Elliott.

Patterson showed remarkable improvement in this race since 2015 – she was just 5:04.17 in winning bronze a year ago.

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24 second improvement in 12 months …
by someone who claims to have early onset Parkinsons Disease, Hemiplgic Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy … No sign of bent arm or ‘leg that doesn’t work’ in that swim tonight though.

London 2012, Maddison Elliott won bronze as a 13 year old swimming a 23 second PB in the process.

Longs WR should stand the test of time. The IPC cannot allow this cheating to continue. Not once did I think it would get to the stage where they would hang a gold medal around the neck of someone they know to be cheating.

This is a very sad day for para swimming and genuinely impaired athletes world wide


Of course she won.
Of course she broke the world record.
Perfect stroking, perfect kicking, perfect turns- where is the disability consistent with S8 level?
We have all seen the videos of her cheating at classification.
We have all seen the videos of her toe walking for the classifiers, heel strike at other times.
Shame on the IPC and IPC lawyers who have supposedly examined the videos, shame on the APC, SAL but most of all shame on Lakeisha Patterson. Absolutely disgraceful.
Very sad day indeed for honest para athletes everywhere.


She will need to keep that arm straight in her backstroke if she wants to win the 200IM. Lets see her form there. But sad to say I expected this result. Nothing about her freestyle stroke indicates she is disabled in any way. This is the exact same scenario as Shirley Babashoff in 1976.


You can lead the charge for a ban on Australia .

I’ll just go get some popcorn .


We don’t need to ban the Aussies…they choke at the big meets without any help from me. I mostly blame the IPC and the national federations for doing nothing. I am not even that mad at Ms Elliott she shouldnt have purposely swam that slow last summer but the stupid classifiers should have known better anyway.


There are ppl out there who insist on surgery to amputate limbs & body parts . Do you think they should be eligible for Paras ? Would there be a difference in deliberste vs genetic vs congenital vs accidental?

As to cheatin classifications – maybe tbey have Munchausens . In other areas of life ppl can just identify as x – why not paras?

I say whatever they want , let them have it if it makes them happy .


I have been told that at an athletic classification not that long ago many Chinese showed up with the exact same amputation. And I have read many have elected to amputate….I read about a female with a “dead arm” who finally decided to cut it off and she competed in paratriathlons and similarly I think Alyssa Seeley did the same with her foot. And another one who I think has an unfair advantage is Brad Snyder he was a college swimmer with normal vision later lost his eyesight. I dont think there is any question that someone who can see for 25 years plus and learns to swim with their vision has a huge advantage over a swimmer that was… Read more »


Peace and Love Man . I saw a headline in the Daily Mail where a girl won Miss British Empire ( there is no empire any more) & they did not have enough girls enter so they let in men entrants . I LOVE this .I’ve been savouring the moment when I have a glass of wine in my hand at 5.30 ( now) so I can go read it .

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