The Key To Happiness: Naked Swimming

by SwimSwam 4

September 16th, 2017 Lifestyle

Video courtesy of Guy Barnea.

It is a new concept for swimming in the ocean – feeling free and one with nature. Guy Barnea introduces a swimwear drop-off station that will allow for you to take a more freeing dip in the water.

Though, promoting his swim line, the swimwear drop-off station will show off the bathing suits worn by the swimmers spending their time in the water. Barnea comes off with the idea that people want to look good on the beach and show off their swimsuits but that they want to be one with nature as well.

It is the only swimsuit brand that wants you to take your swimsuit off.

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Duncan Heenan
4 years ago

Is there anything new under the sun? In the 1980’s when I was preparing to swim the English Channel (Succeeded in 1988) I used to swim in Dover Harbour, entering and leaving the water in a swimming costume, but tying it to a buoy in between and spending most of the time naked – much nicer! The costume was always there when I returned as I tied it under the water – but frankly it wouldn’t have bothered me if it hadn’t been.
What is the point of a swimming costume anyway?

4 years ago

his brand’s actually pretty awesome it’s called Weekends at. I saw Anthony Ervin wearing it.

Warren H.
Reply to  Sean
2 years ago

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4 years ago