Katie Hoff Moving to Train with Yetter at T2 Aquatics

American National Teamer Katie Hoff is set to reunite with former coach Paul Yetter at T2 Aquatics in Florida.

Hoff and Yetter previously worked together at NBAC, but after the 2008 Olympics, Hoff switched and began working with Phelps’ coach Bob Bowman. Yetter left for Auburn and things didn’t click between Hoff and Bowman, so Hoff headed out west to Fullerton, where she’s seen a resurgence in her career under Jon Urbanchek.

Now, Hoff has made the decision to return to working with the coach who brought her so much success and the precipice of legend-status prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where she didn’t meet decidedly-lofty expectations.

Yetter is now amassing a pretty impressive training group that includes Liz Pelton and Erika Erndl, both National Teamers, as long as Karie Haglund and Anne-Marie Botek. The group really stands out for the massive veterans they’ve already pulled in (and specifically for all of the women, which is where Yetter has always made his impact).

One had to imagine that more pull was in the works for Yetter when he left Auburn to start his own program, so don’t be shocked if there’s others headed his way either in the next month, or after London.

Working with Yetter and Pelton will theoretically fit well into her shift in focus back to the IM’s (versus the training group at FAST with Klueh, Ziegler, et al that are distance freestylers).

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9 years ago

Wasn’t Hoff training with Missy Franklin for a while?

9 years ago

Keith, some of your facts are off.

Hoff switched to Bowman right after the 2008 Olympics while he and Yetter were still both at NBAC, each with their own training group for the 2008/2009 season. Word is she held him responsible for her performance at the 2008 games and wanted to make a switch to Bowman.

Yetter did not leave for AUburn until AFTER the 2009 World Championships.

john sampson
9 years ago

this is the news ive been waiting to hear!! hoff is going to be dangerous….look at the success pelton has had with the short time with yetter..katie will be back to top form in no time. im actually really surprised this move didnt happen much sooner. do we know when shell offically start?

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