Kamminga 59.24 100 Breast, Toussaint 1:00.91 100 Back In Post-Lockdown Swims

Swimmers located around the world are slowly able to return to pools following measured processes and protocols in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Those that can get wet once again aren’t wasting any time establishing baseline times to gauge where their fitness and form are at as they restart their Olympic journeys in earnest.

We already gave you the highlights of an unofficial Chinese national team meet, including a 52.37 100m back stunner from national record holder and reigning world champion Xu Jiayu.

But, several standouts on the Dutch squad took to the pool as well, as Arno Kamminga, Kira Toussaint, and more threw down some time trials at the Dutch National Training Center in Amsterdam to get their new season started.

Kamminga said of his ability to begin anew, “Blessed to be back in the pool. Solid race after a tough week.” His swimming personified this sentiment as the 24-year-old two-time European Short Course champion at Glasgow put up a solid 100m breast time of 59.24 today.

Per his Instagram post below, Kamminga split 27.86/31.38 en route to his first sub-minute 100m breast of the post-coronavirus lockdown. That’s a solid start for the man who was on an absolute tear the past year, dropping the Dutch national record in the event down to a massive 58.43, becoming the world’s 3rd fastest performer all-time in the process.

Teammate and fellow national record holder Toussaint did damage in the 100m back today, posting a time of 1:00.91 unofficially to get her season underway.

The former Tennesse Vol-turned multi-European Short Course Champion said of her swim today, “Happy to be back in the water and to be able to race again. 1:00.91 (29.57 – 31.34) means there is lots of work to do in the upcoming months!

“Competing is what I love most about swimming, so I missed it really bad. The feeling of getting up knowing you have a race coming up. Getting behind the block to do the last preparations, it just felt really good again.”

Toussaint’s time today is well over her lifetime best and national record of 59.14 from November of 2019, but was a solid swim in a time when the 25-year-old was out of the water and turned to her own in-home yoga and bodyweight training regimen.

We are checking on additional NTC-Amsterdam swimmers’ results, including that potentially from Kenzo Simons and Jesse Puts.




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1 year ago

I love the receipt. It should also say no refunds.

1 year ago

59.2 fresh out of lockdown is bloody impressive.

Reply to  Dee
1 year ago

Especially because I feel like breaststroke has a quicker regression when you’re out of the water compared to free or back. It’s so much more technical and you lose that feeling much more quickly

Reply to  PVSFree
1 year ago

It also is not the stroke of choice when getting back in shape… who wants to do repeat 400s breaststroke???

Reply to  PVSFree
1 year ago

Which raises the question if he was off.

Reply to  Vic
1 year ago

He has been in the water. Several of the dutch team swimmers have been secretly training the the federations private facility in Zeist during the lockdown, which gained a lot of criticism from the government and people when the news came out. Funny thing is that a lot of swimmers denied they did any training but where sighted coming out of the swimming pool (including kamminga). Big oops

1 year ago

Quarantine is one super long taper. I choose to think of it that way anyway to keep my sanity

Lane 8
1 year ago

Cool! He still seems to be on fire. This is really impressive. Here we go again…(kind of a restart to the season)

1 year ago


1 year ago

I love toussaint’s general recklessness regarding 15m

1 year ago

More like disregard.

Reply to  MarkB
1 year ago

It looked like she was well past 15 on the start

1 year ago


1 year ago

Kenzo Simons 22.6 and Jesse Puts 22.8

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