Junior World Championship Rankings Prior to Junior Nationals

The first two qualifying meets for the Junior World Championships in Dubai, the World Championship Trials and U.S. Open have both finished and we have the rankings. This is USA Swimming’s official selection standings as of August 4th. The team will be announced on August 12th at the latest.

Recognizing the vastly-different strategies being used this summer by junior level swimmers in terms of when to taper (some went to Indy, others will wait until the US Open or Juniors in Irvine in August to swim), USA Swimming has accepted all three meets as qualifiers for the Junior World Championship Team this year.

With that in mind, and to give targets for the later meets, USA Swimming has listed the top eligible swimmers for Junior Worlds in each of the qualifying events after the World Championship Trials in Indianapolis last week. The qualifying criteria are similar to those for the World Championships, with the top four 100 and 200 freestylers + the top two in the other individual events with two exceptions: only four swimmers from each of the two free relay events will be taken, and selections will be made only in Olympic events.

Below is the current rankings for eligible swimmers, which is specifically female candidates born from 1996-1999, and male candidates born from 1995-1998. The full team is expected to be named by August 12th. Note that unlike meets like the World University Games, there is no restriction on members of the World Championship Team that would prevent them from competing at Junior Worlds, which means swimmers like Simone Manuel and Katie Ledecky can swim both meets if they so choose.

Also remember that swimmers lower than 6th in the final rankings, per USA Swimming rules, cannot be taken to Junior Worlds (by declines to swim, etc.) even if there is a spot for them. Those with times currently ranked lower than 6th are already eliminated from consideration. Swimmers in that category would need to improve their times in August to make the team.

Regardless of the number of scratches, those swimmers would need to improve their times at the US Open or Juniors to make the team. Among contenders for this team who didn’t swim at Trials include butterflier Justin Wright, who was on the Jr. Pan Pacs squad last year.

50 Freestyle
1. Simone Manuel (First Colony Swim Team) 25.01
2. Abbigail Weitzeil (Canyons Aquatic Club) 25.64
3. Cierra Runge (North Baltimore Aquatic Club) 25.90
4. Kaitlyn Albertoli (San Clemente Aquatic Team) 26.06
5. Nora McCullagh (SwimMAC Carolina) 26.06
6. Samantha Scenczyszyn (Ozaukee Aquatics) 26.06
100 Freestyle
1. Simone Manuel (First Colony Swim Team) 53.86
2. Cierra Runge (North Baltimore Aquatic Club) 55.62
3. Alexandra Meyers (Schroeder YMCA) 56.20
4. Abbigail Weitzeil (Canyons Aquatic Club) 56.26
5. Lindsey Engel (JCC Waves) 56.63
6. Nora McCullagh (SwimMAC Carolina) 56.76
200 Freestyle
1. Katie Ledecky (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 1:57.63
2. Quinn Carrozza (Longhorn Aquatics) 1:59.47
3. Simone Manuel (First Colony Swim Team) 1:59.83
4. Cierra Runge (North Baltimore Aquatic Club) 2:00.70
5. Kyleigh Stewart (Dynamo Swim Club) 2:01.54
6. Katie McLaughlin (Mission Viejo Nadadores) 2:01.69
400 Freestyle
1. Katie Ledecky (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 4:04.05
2. Quinn Carrozza (Longhorn Aquatics) 4:11.15
3. Rebecca Mann (Clearwater Aquatic Team) 4:13.09
4. Cierra Runge (North Baltimore Aquatic Club) 4:14.40
5. Moriah Simonds (Pleasanton Seahawks) 4:15.76
6. Isabella Rongione (The Fish) 4:15.79
800 Freestyle
1. Katie Ledecky (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 8:22.41
2. Leah Stevens (Lakeside Swim Team) 8:41.70
3. Rebecca Mann (Clearwater Aquatic Team) 8:41.93
4. Isabella Rongione (The Fish) 8:44.92
5. Moriah Simonds (Pleasanton Seahawks) 8:45.74
6. Brooke Zeiger (Bluefish Swim Club) 8:47.08
100 Breaststroke
1. Emily Kopas (Unattached) 1:10.11
2. Kennedy Lohman (Lakeside Swim team) 1:10.13
3. Lilly King (Newburgh Sea Creatures) 1:10.24
4. Riley Scott (Marin Pirates) 1:10.99
5. Andrea Kyriakidis (Nashville Aquatic Club) 1:12.73
6. Heidi Poppe (Unattached) 1:13.53
200 Breaststroke
1. Riley Scott (Marin Pirates) 2:31.11
2. Bethany Leap (Sarasota YMCA Sharks) 2:31.69
3. Ali Szekely (Central Bucks Swim Team) 2:31.92
4. Emily Kopas (Unattached) 2:32.58
5. Katherine Drabot (Ozaukee Aquatics) 2:32.82
6. Lauren James (North Baltimore Aquatic Club) 2:33.32
100 Backstroke
1. Kathleen Baker (SwimMAC Carolina) 1:00.62
2. Clara Smiddy (Aqua Kids Sharks) 1:01.06
3. Kylie Stewart (Dynamo Swim Club) 1:01.46
4. Courtney Mykkanen (Irvine Novaquatics) 1:01.88
5. Claire Adams (Carmel Swim Club) 1:02.20
6. Taylor Garcia (Byron Center) 1:02.27
200 Backstroke
1. Kathleen Baker (SwimMAC Carolina) 2:10.23
2. Kylie Stewart (Dynamo Swim Club) 2:11.34
3. Clara Smiddy (Aqua Kids Sharks) 2:11.53
4. Courtney Mykkanen (Irvine Novaquatics) 2:12.04
5. Kaitlin Harty (Greenwood Memorial Swim Club) 2:13.35
6. Hannah Moore (Triangle Aquatics Club Titans) 2:13.61
100 Butterfly
1. Katie McLaughlin (Mission Viejo Nadadores) 59.70
2. Cassidy Bayer (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 59.99
3. Courtney Weaver (Flint “Y” Falcons) 1:00.75
4. Lindsey Engel (JCC Waves) 1:00.96
5. Sonia Wang (Redlands Swim Team) 1:01.11
6. Kathleen Baker (SwimMAC Carolina) 1:01.66
200 Butterfly
1. Katie McLaughlin (Mission Viejo Nadadores) 2:10.41
2. Rebecca Mann (Clearwater Aquatic Team) 2:10.46
3. Megan Kingsley (Mount Pleasant Swim Club) 2:11.13
4. Madison Wright (Kingfish Aquatic Club) 2:11.18
5. Courtney Weaver (Flint “Y” Falcons) 2:11.38
6. Cassidy Bayer (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 2:11.44
200 Individual Medley
1. Kathleen Baker (SwimMAC Carolina) 2:13.35
2. Katherine Drabot (Ozaukee Aquatics) 2:14.80
3. Ella Eastin (SOCAL Aquatics) 2:15.10
4. Brooke Zeiger (Bluefish Swim Club) 2:15.77
5. Cierra Runge (North Baltimore Aquatic Club) 2:16.03
6. Kylie Stewart (Dynamo Swim Club) 2:17.13
400 Individual Medley
1. Rebecca Mann (Clearwater Aquatic Team) 4:42.46
2. Brooke Zeiger (Bluefish Swim Club) 4:42.89
3. Katherine Drabot (Ozaukee Aquatics) 4:47.56
4. Kylie Stewart (Dynamo Swim Club) 4:48.42
5. Megan Kingsley (Mount Pleasant Swim Club) 4:48.59
6. Hannah Moore (Triangle Aquatics Club Titans) 4:49.63
50 Freestyle
1. Paul Powers (Splash Aquatic Club) 22.71
2. Santo Condorelli (Bolles School Sharks) 22.73
3. Ryan Murphy (Bolles School Sharks) 23.16
4. Brett Ringgold (North Texas Nadadores) 23.18
5. Daryl Turner (Ace Swim Club) 24.09
6. Edward Kim (Bellevue Club Swim Team) 24.35
100 Freestyle
1. Caeleb Dressel (Bolles School Sharks) 49.50
2. Santo Condorelli (Bolles School Sharks) 49.71
3. Ryan Murphy (Bolles School Sharks) 49.96
4. Daryl Turner (Ace Swim Club) 50.76
5. Michael Domagala (Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics) 50.78
6. Nicholas Silverthorn (Pleasanton Seahawks) 51.30
200 Freestyle
1. Caeleb Dressel (Bolles School Sharks) 1:49.83
2. Gunnar Bentz (Dynamo Swim Club) 1:49.83
3. Michael Domagala (Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics) 1:50.28
4. Liam Egan (Crimson Aquatics) 1:51.31
5. Ryan Kao (La Mirada Armada) 1:51.67
6. Ryan Murphy (Bolles School Sharks) 1:51.87
400 Freestyle
1. Janardana Burns (Mission Viejo Nadadores) 3:53.68
2. Reed Malone (New Tier Swim Club) 3:54.69
3. Alexander Katz (Sarasota YMCA Sharks) 3:54.85
4. Ryan Kao (La Mirada Armada) 3:54.99
5. Liam Egan (Crimson Aquatics) 3:55.31
6. Clark Smith (Denver Swim Academy) 3:58.37
1500 Freestyle
1. David Heron (Mission Viejo Nadadores) 15:24.54
2. Liam Egan (Crimson Aquatics) 15:33.79
3. Janardana Burns (Mission Viejo Nadadores) 15:34.16
4. Patrick Ransford (PACK Swim Team of Pittsford) 15:35.91
5. Matthew Hirschberger (Clearwater Aquatic Team) 15:44.44
6. Logan Samuelson (Swim Florida) 15:50.34
100 Breaststroke
1. Carsten Vissering (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 1:02.97
2. Ross Palazzo (Hudson Explorer Aquatic Team) 1:03.24
3. Nicholas Silverthorn (Pleasanton Seahawks) 1:03.56
4. Andrew Seliskar (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 1:03.66
5. Zachary Stevens (Puma Aquatic Team) 1:04.02
6. Anthony Marcantonio (Bluefish Swim Club) 1:04.30
200 Breaststroke
1. Carsten Vissering (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 2:15.85
2. Derek Kao (La Mirada Armada) 2:19.16
3. Nicholas Silverthorn (Pleasanton Seahawks) 2:19.64
4. Curtis Ogren (Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics) 2:19.70
5. Christopher Klein (Club Wolverine) 2:21.08
6. Zachary Stevens (Puma Aquatic Team) 2:22.14
100 Backstroke
1. Ryan Murphy (Bolles School Sharks) 53.38
2. Ryan Harty (Greenwood Memorial Swim Club) 55.31
3. Connor Green (Bluefish Swim Club) 56.60
4. Matthew Josa (SwimMAC Carolina) 56.70
5. Jack Manchester (SwimMAC Carolina) 57.12
6. John Blyzinskyj (Bernal’s Gators) 57.14
200 Backstroke
1. Ryan Murphy (Bolles School Sharks) 1:55.87
2. Alexander Katz (Sarasota YMCA Sharks) 1:58.95
3. Connor Green (Bluefish Swim Club) 1:59.01
4. Corey Okubo (Aquazot Swim Club) 2:01.47
5. Ryan Harty (Greenwood Memorial Swim Club) 2:02.18
6. Curtis Ogren (Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics) 2:02.57
100 Butterfly
1. Matthew Josa (SwimMAC Carolina) 52.46
2. Justin Lynch (Terrapins Swim Team) 52.75
3. Santo Condorelli (Bolles School Sharks) 53.55
4. Michael Domagala (Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics) 53.90
5. Ryan Murphy (Bolles School Sharks) 54.00
6. Kyle Gornay (Redlands Swim Team) 54.10
200 Butterfly
1. Andrew Seliskar (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 1:57.48
2. Corey Okubo (Aquazot Swim Club) 1:58.57
3. Justin Lynch (Terrapins Swim Team) 1:58.82
4. Clark Smith (Denver Swim Academy) 1:59.01
5. Robert McHugh (Baylor Swim Club) 1:59.23
6. Justin Wright (Fresno Dolphins Swim TEAM) 1:59.51
200 Individual Medley
1. Gunnar Bentz (Dynamo Swim Club) 2:00.88
2. Andrew Seliskar (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 2:01.81
3. Jay Litherland (Dynamo Swim Club) 2:02.24
4. Ryan Harty (Greenwood Memorial Swim Club) 2:03.62
5. Ryan Murphy (Bolles School Sharks) 2:03.88
6. Curtis Ogren (Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics) 2:04.26
400 Individual Medley
1. Gunnar Bentz (Dynamo Swim Club) 4:15.81
2. Corey Okubo (Aquazot Swim Club) 4:19.87
3. Curtis Ogren (Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics) 4:20.18
4. Andrew Seliskar (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 4:20.96
5. Connor Green (Bluefish Swim Club) 4:21.22
6. Alexander Katz (Sarasota YMCA Sharks) 4:22.53

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John Smith

The Boys will not beat young star James Guy in the 200 or 400 not a chance.


Or mack Horton in 1500 free



Just goes to show that as far as the future of swimming (boys) is concerned,


America will no longer hog the major medals by Rio 😀


I’ll believe it when I see it. GB isn’t even in the conversation when it comes to swimming powerhouses on the men’s side.

Law Dawg

Why is it you consistently feel like bashing the US, and when you’re proven wrong time and time again, you just shrug it off? What happened to the C-bomb in the 100 back? The womens medley relay? Who does Australia or GB have at the moment who can go 4:15 in the 400 im half tapered at the age of 17 (Like Gunnar Bentz did at US open)? Wait, didn’t Fraiser-Holmes go 4:17 at worlds? Do those countries have some who goes 22.5 and 49.5 in the 50 and 100 free like Dressel does? No doubt does Australia and GB have great talent, but please don’t make such silly comments about the US considering your poor track record of making… Read more »


McEvoy did that…

And remember australia have Kyle Chalmers.. 14yr with 23.18 and 50.18.. and a 54.79 100 fly..


and Dressel is not the favorite..

Sedov is already 22.06 and 49.23..

Law Dawg

Oh, I agree, Rafael, that Dressel is not the favorite in the 100 free by any means. Mcevoy and Sedov are definitely faster. I just wanted to point out that the US still does have a young sprinter who, depending on how things go, may be very competitive in the coming years on a international stage. Now, speaking of Kyle Chalmers, he definitely could be the next phelps,thorpe-like talent if he continues on the road he’s on. I easily admit that he is unmatched as a 14 year old swimmer in the world.

Rafael Teixeira

Having another Thorpe would be crazy…

Thorpe still hold many Age Records I can´t even see anyone beat them (and some on briefs)

3:40:59 at 17 yrs old is probably the most difficult.. 1:46 at 16..3:41:83 at 16 also..
50.21, 1:46:70 and 3:44:35 at 15 years old (all on briefs these 3)


Food4 thought is just riling you up.

Australia did have a 16 year old who went 4 .16 but he changed squads & hooked up with an older woman . He is going backward in swimming but maybe forward in other life skills.



It is very clear what the intention of food4thought, let’s not get trolled.


let’s make a list of world’s most difficult junior records.


Alex Graham – 22.7/49.4/1.47 in the 50-200 freestyles or thereabouts, plus sub 54 100 fly and sub 55 100 back….
McEvoy and Kyle Chalmers of course
Luke Percy – 22.2 in the 50 Free and around 49.5 in the 100 free off the top of my head
Just a couple….

Steve Nolan

Yeah, well, my dad can beat up your dad!


Doubtful. Im sure comments like yours have been appearing for the past 50 years and yet nobody has won more medals in international competition than the US. How many of the best in the world have come to the US to train? I’m not saying great swimmers haven’t been trained outside the US, but our pedigree is undeniable and it doesnt look like its ending soon.


JG has it all in perspective, cheers! Funny really seeing how a lot of yanks seem to get all aggro or wanna a bit of bovver when a ‘foreigner’ puts forward their personal view that an American favourite of theirs may not be the lord muck after all. Reminds me a bit of Phelps’ attitude towards Biedermann & Cavic in Rome 2009 😀 Give over, I never claimed to be all knowing matey, so don’t expect I should really have to apologise for my personal opinion every single time these predictions don’t turn out, do I! Don’t have the patience or time either to keep checking on those 1,073 comments anyway! 😛 Heck so my prediction did go awry when… Read more »

bobo gigi

It’s a weird qualification system.
These young swimmers must swim at their best all summer until they are sure to be qualified. Perhaps they will be tired in Dubai.
Another case is for example Caeleb Dressel. He isn’t for the moment in the first 2 of the 50 free because he couldn’t swim this race in Indianapolis. So he must be in his top shape this week in Irvine to swim better than 22.73. So will he have still enough gas in Dubai?
Would it be better if it was like the seniors with the first 2 of each race qualified at these junior nationals? I don’t know.
No system is perfect.


No, they only have to swim at the best at one point during the summer, and hope that that time is good enough to get them qualified. Now, if they’re on the bubble, then they have to taper again and try to get a better time, but if that’s the case the system rewards people who didn’t try to taper too early (i.e. for World Championship Trials) and who train through for an end-of-summer meet.


It also hurts your most elite swimmers, who rested completely with an outside shot of making the World Championship team, who then have to turn around and rest (or at least miss a week of training) to “defend” their spot, and hope they have enough gas left in the tank for Dubai. Becca Mann, Quinn Carrozza, Katie McLaughlin, and potentially Simone Manuel (had she not made the team) are all examples of this.

Ridiculous system, and I do not know a single 18 & under coach who supports this.

Swim Jargon

Bobo – You and I are both avid fans of Szekely’s. In your opinion do you think she is sick or still in heavy training during this meet? I am unsure looking at the qualification procedures. Right now i believe with her times from Jnats and WCTs she is 3rd for juniors, disregarding her unprecedented (for her age) at last years meet. Does that mean she will not have the opportunity to compete in Dubai for Junior Worlds? Would be such a loss for Team USA. I hope because she is on the junior national squad she will still be considered for a spot in the event. Although that is true, they may not make any exceptions. I saw this… Read more »

bobo gigi

It’s funny to see Katie Ledecky in these rankings.

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