Jakabos Wins 50 Freestyle On A Painful Path To Recovery

After a successful summer, making the finals in three events at the World Championships, Zsuzsanna Jakabos went under the knife in October to surgically repair her right shoulder. Today was a big step for Jakabos as she won the women’s 50 freestyle on the final day of the Budapest Open.

Despite the success in her first competition since the surgery Jakabos was frustrated when talking to the press after the race saying that she was still suffering from shoulder pain and weakness something she has been told may take a year to be resolved. She also expressed the desire to return to training and competing in longer butterfly events, something which is not possible at the moment.

Evelyn Verraszto had a very successful final evening of competition at the open winning both the 100 butterfly (59.22) and 200 freestyle (1:58.84). Verraszto walked away from the competition with four titles in total having won both the 50 backstroke and 100 freestyle earlier in the competition.

Her brother David took the men’s 200 breaststroke on the third day of competition winning the event in a time of 2:13.33.

Peter Bernek, who put up a world’s top five ranked time in the 200 backstroke earlier in the competition, took the 100 backstroke in a time of 55.12.

Laszlo Cseh finished his meet by winning the 200 IM in a fairly mediocre time of 2:01.26, “I can get a little tired on the fourth day,” said Cseh.

“Nevertheless, I feel I’m in good shape, now comes a very important stage in the preparation.”

Anna Sztankovics finished her sweep of the women’s breaststroke events winning the 100 in a time of 1:09.44.

Melinda Novoszath also completed a sweep of the women’s distance freestyle events taking the 1500 freestyle in a time of 17:16.41.

Other winners included:


  • 50 butterfly – Bence Pulai – 24.37
  • 100 freestyle – Peter Holoda – 50.27


  • 200 backstroke – Kata Burian – 2:13.09
  • 200 IM – Reka Gyorgy – 2:15.55



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8 years ago

Very Impressed by both Kesely and Gyurinovics. I had a quick scout through the British age group records and came back with these numbers…. super suit times will be marked *

12yo – 26.86*, 57.5*, 2.06,4.25.
13yo – 26.4, 56.7, 2.03.6, 4.16.6.
14yo – 26.1*, 56.0, 2.00.8, 4.12.5*.

Only two British 12yo boys have swam faster than Kesely over 200m, ever! Hugely Impressive. I’ll watch out for these ladies, as well as Melinda Novosszath who really Impressed at last years Euro Juniors.

8 years ago

Fastest Canadian girl was shauna Collins back in ’90 in a 2:03.7. She never swam much after turning 15.

Reply to  John
8 years ago

A. Kesely also swam 4:18.60 on 400. We’ll see what she will able to swim at 16 and beyond.

8 years ago

Dee Brown has the USAS 11-12 record at 2:03.38 back in 1991.

I’m sure there are folks who are always glad to see you’ve got an excuse to break out the Jakabos glamour shot.

8 years ago

Fastest australian 12 year old I think is 2:03:7. There was an 11 year old who swam a 2:06, who is now a distance star as well

8 years ago

What was Jakabos’ time?

Reply to  YouGotLezakd
8 years ago

Not significant: 26.26. But the 3rd place was shared by another under-13, named Fanni GYURINOVICS, who swam 26.81.

8 years ago

The real sensation of Budapest Open has been indeed the achievement of under-13 girl Ajna KESELY, who swam 2:02.63 on 200 free. One should look out for her in the future !

Reply to  Piponya
8 years ago

I concur.
Her 2:02.63 is among the fastest, if not the fastest done by a 12 yo girl in textile.

8 years ago

Just a footnote 🙂
Hungary has two impressive 12 yr old girls to watch. In 200m free, Ajna Kesely broke the Hungarian NAG record with 2.02.63, a day before she broke 400 m free NAG record with 4.18.60. For comparison: the US NAG records of 11/12 are 2.03.38 and 4.19.48. The other girl, Fanni Gyurinovics can 2.20 in 200IM and she is great in breastsroke and freestyle too.

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