Jack Spitser’s Top Swimming Photos of 2019

Jack Spitser
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January 01st, 2020 News

2019 is a year that I will always remember, starting with getting hired with SwimSwam and my photographic career taking off. I’ve compiled this selection of images that represent some of my favorite and most memorable shots and moments from this year. I’m looking forward to 2020 and creating more images of  phenomenal swimmers and the best sport in the world.

Warming up at Men’s NCAAs (photo: Jack Spitser)

UCSD Pool from above (photo: Jack Spitser)

Ryan Murphy walking towards me with a great smile at the 2019 Speedo Grand Challenge. He is a God. (photo: Jack Spitser)

Michael Andrew during a personal session over the summer in my hometown San Diego (photo: Jack Spitser)

Mallory Comerford striking a pose at NCAA championships before her 200 Free victory (photo: Jack Spitser)

Mackenzie Padington making water art before dropping an immense amount of time in her mile at NCAAs  (photo: Jack Spitser)

Luca Urlando at the Clovis Pro Swim Series when he went a 1:53 in the LCM 200 Fly. This photo captions his strength and will to fight (photo: Jack Spitser)

Michael Andrew during a surf session over the summer. Man, is he good at surfing (photo: Jack Spitser)

Kathleen Baker falling into the dark (photo: Jack Spitser)

Katinka Hosszu at the FINA Champions Series. An amazing fighter, Katinka has continued to dominate for several years (photo: Jack Spitser)

Justin Lynch showing his efficient stroke in Berkeley in April (photo: Jack Spitser)

Ivan Kurakin, my UCSD Teammate, posing for portraits while having water poured on his dome. I love the way that the water bends around him without ruining the shot (photo: Jack Spitser)

Izzy Ivey showing off her signature pre-race routine (photo: Jack Spitser)

Ella Eastin, Stanford leader, cheesing after being crowned NCAA champions with her Stanford teammates (photo: Jack Spitser)

Dean Farris under the Friday Night Lights (photo: Jack Spitser)

Cody Miller racing at the FINA Champions Series (photo: Jack Spitser)

Cal Celebration at the NCAA Champs, after beating out Texas and winning their first title in several years (photo: Jack Spitser)

Bruno Fratus in front of his home country flag. I’m a big fan of these colors coming together (photo: Jack Spitser)

Brooke Forde showing off her Stanford cap on her way to becoming an NCAA champion (photo: Jack Spitser)

This image was my first Cover shot for SwimSwam magazine of Beata Nelson, a huge honor.

Austin Katz celebrating a relay victory at NCAAs (photo: Jack Spitser)


Abbey Weitzeil en route to splitting a 20 in her 50 free at NCAAs (photo: Jack Spitser)

Jacob Pebley making waves jumping in for his race at the 2019 Grand Challenge

Zack Reuter of UCSD celebrating a 6 second drop and All-American finish in the 400 IM

Michael Andrew underwater in Encinitas, CA

Ella Eastin cheesing, again. She’s good at that. (photo: Jack Spitser)


Lilly King – ending a flawlessly dominant NCAA career (photo: Jack Spitser)

Mallory Comerford before the American Flag being crowned NCAA champion (photo: Jack Spitser)


Ryan Murphy in the zone. (photo: Jack Spitser)

UCSD Celebration. Team cheers make great images. (photo: Jack Spitser)

Sean Grieshop really knows how to swim butterfly (and all strokes).  (photo: Jack Spitser)

Bubble Rings are a great way to both warm down after practice and make for some great photo props. (photo: Jack Spitser)


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The Wolverine
3 years ago

This man is a genius.

3 years ago

I enjoyed them all, great work and a lot of artistic ideas!

3 years ago

Luca is fierce and I really hope MA doesn’t think surfing counts as a swim workout

Reply to  Taa
3 years ago

Pretty sure he does

Sam Kendricks
3 years ago

Nice work there Jack! I really enjoy your work and work ethic!

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