Jack Bauerle to Be Held Out of Dual Meet Saturday, Which Could Be 500th Win

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Jack Bauerle sits on the precipice of history with 499 dual meet wins – 293 with his women’s team and 206 with his men’s.

But, according to OnlineAthlens.com, Bauerle will not be present at today’s meet, his first shot at #500, as the university conducts an “academic review” of sophomore swimmer Chase Kalisz, the defending NCAA Champion and World Championship silver medalist in the 400 IM.

Athletic Director Greg McGarity says that today’s co-ed meet against NC State will still count on Bauerle’s record, with the Bulldogs expected to be at least heavy favorites in the women’s meet. This means that Bauerle will probably be absent for his historic 500 win.

“Jack Bauerle is still our head coach whether he’s there or not,” McGarity told OnlineAthens.

Kalisz sat out the first semester of his freshman year last season while what was described at the time as a minor issue with his home-school academic program in high school was straightened out.

There was no indication if the latest “academic review” was in any way related to that issue, and the Athletics Department had no comment on that specifically. They did release the following statement on Saturday morning:

“University of Georgia head swimming and diving coach Jack Bauerle and sophomore swimmer Chase Kalisz will be withheld from team competition pending completion of an academic eligibility review,” according to UGA J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Greg McGarity.

Associate head coach Harvey Humphries will take over the program’s primary leadership role during Bauerle’s absence. The meet begins at 2pm Eastern Time on Saturday.

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So Confused
2 years 9 months ago

What? Why is Jack being held out because Kalisz is academically ineligible?

2 years 9 months ago

A review means that the administration is examining whether the coach is of knowledge of any practices that are a violation of university policy. As a hypothetical, paying tutors to write papers for the student-athlete.

2 years 9 months ago

If this happened to a Georgia Bulldog football player, no one would have ever heard a word about it.

Tom Holden
2 years 9 months ago

All I know is the team looked great today even with the absents of Chase and head coach Jack Bauerle. I have a feeling both dawgs will be back for the next meet! Go dawgs!

2 years 9 months ago

They won yes, but wouldn’t say they looked great! Doubt it was because Bauerle wasn’t on deck.

Euro swim
2 years 9 months ago

Just a small bump for the program. Jack is one of the best coaches in history and thus showed with his 500th win today. Chase has been a stud for the men ever since he came. Correct me if I’m wrong but he has only lost at NCAAs…. including conference and duel meets. Best of luck to both!

2 years 9 months ago

The mainstream media has taken notice; this was just reported on New York Times.com as well.

2 years 9 months ago

Saw it on the nyt.com scroll too and came here to see what’s up.

My guess is he missed too much class or didn’t show enough progress towards his degree(aka too few credits). Probably because he might be a little busy representing his country and figuring out how to fill phelp’s/Lochte’s shoes for the next 8-12 years.

I agree with the above poster re: the football program. Mark Richt would never be held out of a game against NC State, ever. Ever. And just how many unreported academic violations do you think have occurred under his watch in, say, the last year? I’d guess dozens. NCAA can go to hell.


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