ISHOF's Wigo Reacts to Alleged Sexual Predator Bomio; Swiss, LEN Have Yet to Release Statements

Flavio Bomio, who is being held in Swiss prison on accusation of child molestation charges from his time as a swim coach, has been removed from all references on the Swiss Swimming Federation’s website.

Bomio reportedly confessed to police that he had sexual relationships with underage boys in the 1980s, per local media reports. The Swiss Swimming Federation has not released any statement on the matter like FINA did yesterday. One member of the Swiss swimming community observed to us concern that the Federation might be trying to sweep the issue under the rug.

Among his other duties, Bomio was a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame’s Selection Committee. ISHOF Director Bruce Wigo has told us that “Although our webmaster has not yet removed Mr. Bomio’s name from our selection committee, he was instructed to do so following the announced suspension from FINA and LEN.”

Therefore, it seems to be a matter of timing and technical matters during a sparse holiday season, which is perfectly acceptable in my book. Wigo went on to make the point that there were no current activities for the committee until the new year, when they would begin selection of the class of 2013.

“We will most certainly follow the lead of FINA with suspension until allegations can be investigated,” Wigo reitterated.

It was Ft. Lauderdale, home of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, where he was soon scheduled to bring a group of young male Swiss swimmers for a training trip.

The LEN, which is the governing body for European Aquatics, has also failed to acknowledge Bomio’s arrest and their reported suspension of him from his duties. He is still listed on their website as the Chairman of the Technical Open Water Committee.

Given that this investigation has progressed beyond “heresay and accusations,’ with a confession being reported, it would seem prudent for LEN and the Swiss Swimming Federation to at the least acknowledge the situation, Bomio’s suspension, and condemn sexual abuse of minors in general, given that these allegations are directly related to actions done while under those organizations’ supervision.

Much like we’ve seen from USA Swimming, that’s probably the best we could hope for given that there is likely to be litigation against the organizations stemming from these accusations.

Thus far, there has been no evidence that any of these organizations had any idea or previous indications of the attrocities that Bomio has allegedly committed.

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