How To Watch Tonight’s Fortnite Battle Royale Between Florida & NC State

As we reported earlier this week, the men’s teams from Florida and NC State will be battling head-to-head in a Fortnite matchup Wednesday night.

Two of the top swimming & diving programs in the country will contest an 8v8 tournament-style Battle Royale game beginning at 7 pm (EST), with bragging rights on the line as they prepare for their respective conference championship meets later this month.

SwimSwam has acquired five Twitch streams for viewers to pick from for a first-person perspective of the match.

NC State Streaming Options:

Florida Streaming Option:

At least for Florida’s stream, courtesy of junior Kevin Vargas, the stream will go live around 6:40 before the game starts at 7.

The swimmers are partaking in the match as a way to get to know one another in what has been an otherwise difficult two years to do so amidst the pandemic.

“I think a fun little competition like the one we are going to have next week will be a great one for the sport of swimming, as we often only focus on the swimming relationship between teams,” said NC State freshman David Curtiss, the team’s official ‘coach’ for the game.

“Now we can take a step back, have some fun, and compete outside the water in a video game all of us can play. Super excited to see how this unfolds.”

The Florida men will compete at the SEC Championships Feb. 15-19 at the University of Tennessee, while NC State is preparing to race on the same dates at the ACC Championships at Georgia Tech.

The Gators and Wolfpack will then go head-to-head inside the pool at men’s NCAAs, also taking place in Atlanta at Georgia Tech, March 23-26.

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Jessica h
6 months ago

Nobody wants to watch this

Reply to  Jessica h
6 months ago

It already happened boomer

6 months ago


Among Us Battle Royale: San Andreas
6 months ago

Florida blew a 3-1 lead

6 months ago

NC state with the dub 🐺♦️

BB Champs Qualifier and Participant
6 months ago

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, its gonna take a miracle for NC State to win with John Healy on their team. He has been known for missing rounds of shots in a row, then after dying says the opponent is “one tap” when in reality the guy has full health and shield. The amount of pre-workout he must take to be successful is not in the realm of possibility. If John can’t be serviceable at best, then Sayonara, NC State.

Last edited 6 months ago by BB Champs Qualifier and Participant
Marcus Beatz

This comment will not age well, mark my words. John Healy will come up clutch for the Wolfpack when it really matters. I don’t even think it would be a stretch to put money on him as a lock for MVP.

#1 John Healy Fan
Reply to  Marcus Beatz
6 months ago

Marcus Beatz, I can see that you want to make John Healy feel better, but you have obviously never seen the kid play Fortnite. As John Healy’s number 1 fan, I can assure you they don’t call him John “The Liability” Healy for nothing.

Some of John’s game stats include:

  • 0.12 K/D ratio
  • 5x “dude revive me this guy’s one shot” a game
  • 8x “can i get some bandages” a game
  • At least 3x “dude i’m backpacking you guys suck” a game.

He is truly a horrendous player. John Healy may very well be Florida’s MVP for this matchup without even meaning to be. Sources are telling me NC State is actually trying to… Read more »

Chuggy Wuggy
6 months ago

MVP odds for NC State: Aiden “cracked” Hayes (-300) James “greasy” Plage (-105) Michael Moore (+300) Kacper “Kurwa” Stokowski (+900) Rafal Kusto (+1000) Arsenio Bustos (+1500) John “Jchoppa” Healy (+5000) Noah “Gibs” Henderson (+10000). Venmo me @big-mcstankacheez. May or may not be paying out.

G-Money Raindrops
Reply to  Chuggy Wuggy
6 months ago

Don’t sleep on Henderson and Healy. They’re incredibly inconsistent but sometimes they might almost get lucky.

G-Money Raindrops
6 months ago

This will be the showdown of the century! People will sing songs of this battles for years to come! I am so excited!!!

Still can’t believe Bayne Bennett didn’t make the NCSU roster!

William Wallace
6 months ago



AI with the braids
Reply to  William Wallace
6 months ago


eL eL
Reply to  William Wallace
6 months ago

Couldn’t agree more. Griefing is a no no

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