How Fast Will Michael Andrew Swim at Olympic Trials?

Gold Medal Minute presented by SwimOutlet.comMichael Andrew turned a lot of heads at the Indy Pro Swim, dropping:

  • 58.6 – 100m breast
  • 50.8 – 100m fly
  • 1:56.8 – 200m IM

I was surprised. Frankly, I didn’t see Michael as the favorite in two events heading into U.S. Olympic Trials.  I think, like a lot of swimming fans, I was lulled into a bit of a sleep after after his 2020 ISL season.  I expected a little more from him last fall and winter. Now, in hindsight, that feels like a harsh judgment considering everyone reacted differently to the pandemic last year.

I am glad I was wrong. I’ve been a Michael Andrew fan since his age group days–back when everyone lost their minds over his turning pro at the tender age of 14.

2021 Michael Andrew U.S. Olympic Trials Predictions

As mentioned above, I wasn’t bullish on Michael Andrew making the Olympic Team. I thought he’d be on the bubble. I’m confident now. I think he’s making his first Olympic Team. I see him winning the 100m breast in 58.3, breaking the American record.

Will he make it in the 200 IM, 100 fly, or 50 free?

  • 1:55 point 9 – 200 IM – for 2nd or 3rd
  • 50 point 5 – 100 fly for 2nd, 3rd or 4th
  • 21 point 4 – 50 free for 2nd or 3rd

But who cares what I think. What do you think? Give me your best expert swimming analysis.

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This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of, a Swimming News website.

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Steve Nolan
19 days ago

Do we know if he’s gonna swim fly?

Might depend on how the rest of the meet is going

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
19 days ago

Yeah if he makes it in the 100 breast I don’t think he swims fly. Semis are right after the IM finals and fly finals are the beginning of the session with the 50 semis.

Swimming fly makes him way less likely to make it in the IM or 50 by a good amount, I think. Breast/IM/50 is super doable, less so with fly in there

Reply to  Steve Nolan
19 days ago

If he swims the semis after the 200 IM finals, he could miss the final, so no double with the 50 free. However, I don’t think he should swim the 100 fly (except maybe just in prelims to get a time.)

Steve Nolan
Reply to  swimfan210_
19 days ago

That 2 IM final – 100 fly semi turnaround is brutal – did Lochte do it back in the day? (I know he swam 100 fly at Worlds once or twice, not sure how those qual meets went.)

Reply to  Steve Nolan
19 days ago

I think Lochte did the 100 fly in 2013, but it did not conflict with the 200 IM that year. They had an unusual event order and he had 200 IM the day before and then doubled the 200 back final /100 fly semis the next day. He set a PB in that fly semi but didn’t match that time in finals and faded out of the medals. Had a pretty good split on the medley relay if I remember, though.

I *think* that was Lochte’s only time with the 100 fly. Trying, I think, to capitalize on the vacuum left by Phelps’ retirement. But once it became clear Phelps was coming back, he never came back to it.

Unknown Swimmer
Reply to  Steve Nolan
19 days ago

If the fly semis are after the IM finals – why not give them a shot to see if he has anything left to get into finals? He can get into the fly semis pretty safely I’d imagine. And the fly wouldn’t impact a 50 as much – although admittedly a 50 has way less margin for error.

Carson Yoerger
19 days ago

His 50 free is gonna be slower for sure but I think this might be when we finally see him drop a huge 2im

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
19 days ago

I don’t know how you predict what MA’s gonna do at Trials.

Is he gonna have bigger taper drops now b/c he’s older and incorporating more weight training? Is he gonna add time b/c extra round of swims?? No idea! Could go literally anything from a 1:54 to a 1:59 in his 2 IM and I wouldn’t be that shocked.

I definitely think he makes the final in all three of his main events, but what happens when he’s there…no idea.

Reply to  Steve Nolan
17 days ago

He’s actually cut out the weight training again! And swimming faster than ever. And his “taper” is just cutting down a little on the USRPT sets.

Fresh Cuts
19 days ago

I don’t think he’ll swim fly. His event order is too heavy with it in there.

Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
19 days ago

Yes not only make the team but to do his best in Tokyo. I’ve watched this young man since he was very young and the best think he did for his career was to start backing off his schedule a bit. We all know he can swim all 4 strokes but I’ve seen the piano hit him harder than most with a full schedule.event if he qualifies in 3 events I’ll be nervous. I think if he ends up with 2 events in Tokyo that would be ideal fir him… then maybe add more events in 2024. The goal for him is to medal in Tokyo not prove how many events he can qualify in.

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