Hatfield Swimming Club Hires Scottish High Performance Coach Wright

The Hatfield Swimming Club, in the far northern reaches of the London metropolis, has hired Ian Wright as their new head coach. Wright leaves a role as the coach of the Scottish Swimming Performance Squad coach, and at the University of Sterling.

Wright is the coach of Danielle Huskisson, who gave him one last hurrah at the Portuguese National Open Water Championship race a few weeks ago (which was the British World Championship qualifier) to secure a spot on the British squad for the World Championships this summer.

Hatfield is one of the top swim clubs in Great Britain, especially when the discussion is limited to those outside of the heavily-funded National Training Centers.

The role he takes over at Hatfield boasts a club that has had huge levels of national and international levels of success, and has sent a lot of swimmers to swim in the NCAA ranks. Among the best known are former British National Champions Adam Brown and Richard Charlesworth, as well as Sean Leahy.

The Hatsfield club also has a very strong open water tradition, where Wright’s experience with Huskisson should pay off in a big way. Among the names are British Open Water star Lucy Charles; and Caleb Hughes, who also swam at the Portuguese National Championships and will represent the UK at the European Junior Championships this summer in every freestyle race 200 meters and longer.

The Scottish Swimming performance job is a bit of a unique one, as it’s a high-performing group that also falls under the dual auspices of British Swimming, so some of the country’s top swimmers like Hannah Miley and Robbie Renwick represent both programs in different events.

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Hatfield SC
7 years ago

20 years ago Hatfield SC had 1 national swimmer, then walked in Nick Juba who turned the club around to what it is today. Adam Brown, Richard Charleswoth, Sean Leahy, Lucy Charles,Caleb Hughes and many many more owe a tremendous amount to Nick for their successes. Hatfield SC has been privileged to have had such a great and talented coach with such a passion for swimming at their helm for such a long time and who has brought the club to such a pinnacle in its history. Nick is missed by all at Hatfield, and nothing short of a National Head Coach’s role would have been worthy of his talents. Well done Denmark! We are very lucky to now have… Read more »

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