HardCore Swim of the Week: Michael Andrew’s NAG Record

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The HardCoreSwim of the week this week goes to Michael Andrew of Team Andrew Indie Swimming in Lawrence, Kansas for his National Age Group Record breaking swim in the 50 long course meters freestyle.

His 23.47 at the CRAA Kickoff in Iowa City, Iowa last weekend may be his first record as a 13-14 (he just turned 14 in April), but he’s no stranger to the lists of the greatest at any age. When formally recognized by USA Swimming, will be Andrew’s 32nd official National Age Group Record breaking swim over the last three-and-a-half years.

This is likely just the beginning for Andrew, whose training style lends itself to repeated fast swimming without the need for a big taper. Andrew, under the guidance of his coach and father Peter, has been working on pacing recently, so the times in his 100 meter races haven’t dropped as much. The Andrew camp is viewing this focus on pacing as an investment, though, believing it will pay off in the long run.

The fact that Michael has already started breaking records in June, with a full season of long course and short course swimming to go, means that this is unlikely to be the last we hear from him in the next 10 months.

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Philip Johnson
9 years ago

And most importantly, they must have fun. only a small percentage of these young kids will amount to anything (Olympic or Division I), so it’s key they enjoy what they’re doing.

Reply to  Philip Johnson
9 years ago

Phillip, the fun part is in being good, working hard, and seeing that hard work pays off. And keeping improving. Eddie Reese says that burn out happens when you stop improving and I believe that. While you are improving, it is always fun.

Kevin T
9 years ago

Good Article. This article specifically tells us the reason why his longer distance times are not improving right now. I just wonder for how long that they will train him in this current fashion. In other words, when will the time come for him to increase his yardage and do a taper once a year/ maybe twice a year? That time has got to come eventually I would think. But I will leave it in the hands of Coach Andrew. He seems to know what he is doing and I am eager to see what the results end up being. Good luck and God bless.

9 years ago

There are many things I do not agree with respect to Michael technique/training, but I fully support his family in what they are doing (Psycho fathers must stick together). There are many good things you can do for your kids-swimmers, if you do it right:

1. Pay attention to fundamentals and be patient because it will pay off (in results off course).
2. Teach them to respect sport. pools, competition.
3. Protect your kids from injuries from mindless yardage. The role of each coach is to push, but you as a parent have obligation to pull back. Our boy after achieving very good success in past SCY is taking LC season off and swimming summer league. It is… Read more »

Reply to  PsychoDad
9 years ago

Agree with everything except for number #3. How does 4 years of studying swimming cause you to believe that “no other coach can help him more than I can”. I agree with you that a lot of coaches don’t know their craft as much as they believe they do, but to say that no other coach can help him more than you is just dumb.

Rocky IV
9 years ago

Does this remind anyone else of Rocky IV? When the Soviets perfectly train Ivan Drago just to have all of his perfect training destroyed by the heart and desire of Rocky himself? Is Michael Andrew the next Ivan Drago?

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