Greensboro Aquatic Center Plans To Build Second Building

by Luke Ryan 1

June 21st, 2017 Industry, National, News

According to a report by, the Greensboro Aquatic Center (GAC) plans to add an entire second building, and fourth pool to their facility. The GAC, which has held Division 1 conference championships, YMCA National meets, and USA Swimming competitions is already a 78,000+ square foot facility that cost 19 million dollars when it was built in 2011.

Matt Brown, the managing director of the Greensboro Coliseum complex, which houses the GAC, claims that the project will cost a total of 7 million dollars and could be completed in 2019. According to Brown, “It meets our needs. We want to keep our everyday programming going on while these economic-engine meets are coming to our community.” Greensboro Aquatic Center Manager, Susan Braman added on to Brown by stating, “The primary need comes from all the teams and clubs that train with us year-round.” Braman cites that as many of the clubs that train out of GAC have submitted their fall schedules, all of their requests will likely not be met.

The new building will house an “L-Shaped” pool that will consist of five 50 meter lanes and 10 lanes that can be 25 yards or meters. While this pool won’t likely be used for any major meet or competition, it will allow the Aquatic Center to allow lap swimming and other smaller events while meets take place in the primary facility.

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5 years ago

Why not just make it Olympic size at that point?

As I understand the description, it will be 15 lanes at its widest, which is pretty beefy. At that point you’d get more utility out of a 25 yard by 50 meter pool. And, it would be the same volume as the proposed L shape.