Goodbye AquaZone, Hello AquaLounge (2021 US Olympic Swimming Trials)

Among the highlights of the U.S. Olympic Trials every year is the massive dryland connection space that is the AquaZone. In 2021, however, because of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, the concept will be scaled way back and reimagined as the “AquaLounge” instead.

The AquaZone historically has been the interface between the industry of swim and the masses of fans that descend upon Omaha every four years for the Olympic Trials. Featuring demos, interactive booths from swim brands, presentations, and autograph sessions, it’s the tie that takes an 8-day swim meet and turns it into a full-scale swim event.

Instead, this June, the AquaZone will become the AquaLounge. The space will feature a retail store and concession space as well as a ‘lounge’ area.

The AquaLounge will be available at both the Wave I and Wave II Olympic Trials meets.

Elite athlete autographs are going to be much harder to come by at this year’s meet, as protecting potential Olympians from contracting COVID from the general public will be priority number one at the meet. Any positive test at the Olympic Trials or between the Trials and the Olympic Games that start a month later would, most likely, eliminate an athlete from that meet.

But with 50% capacity still planned for the CHI Health Center, Omaha is still going to feel like “Swim City,” especially at the beginning of the meet, before the College World Series begins. That means around 10,000 swim people descended on the city of half-a-million to watch what will be the second-fastest long course meet in the world in 2021.


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3 months ago

Is this bragging .. or true facts? “the second-fastest long course meet in the world in 2021.”

Reply to  SwimDad
3 months ago

After the British and Russian trials, I reckon it’s just a hope

3 months ago

I’m still bitter about the cluster that was the “pre-sale” and only some people receiving the codes. It was a disorganized mess by USAS, Ticketmaster, and the CHI center. Then they jacked up the ticket prices. I hope the parents of the athletes were able to secure tickets.

Reply to  Cali4nia
3 months ago

What are the prices? Are they the same for both Wave I and Wave II?

Reply to  Cali4nia
3 months ago

We got the code ahead of time, and our ticket prices were 10-15% less than we paid originally, for comparable seating locations. ($530 vs $600) No complaints here, though it sounds like not everybody had the same positive experience we did.

3 months ago

Aquazone was so much fun

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