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October 23rd, 2017 Gear, Industry, News

Are you also tired of leaking and discomforting goggles?

If yes, you are not the only one.

For decades, swimmers on all levels have experienced discomfort and water leakage with their goggles and not been able to do anything.

Even swimmers on the very top had dealt with problems and see it now as a part of the sport, and we all remember what happened to Michael Phelps in the 200m butterfly final during the 2008 Olympics…

Now, for the first time in history, the Danish goggle-company THEMAGIC5 has come up with the solution, taking the swimming goggle into a new era. Based on the idea that we are all different, the company has developed the world’s first custom fitted goggles that fits your facial structure. All this to prevent water leakage and discomforting goggles.

The product has successfully been crowdfunded on with support from more than 620 backers across the world, stretching from the U.S., to Europe and Asia. The company’s goal was to raise 50.000 USD, but has now collected more than 55.000 USD with a couple of days to go. However, while THEMAGIC5 is getting ready deliver the first pair of goggles to its backers, it is still possible to claim your own custom fitted goggles through the campaign and save up to 60% until it ends October 31.

The retail price starts at USD 99 from January next year.

Danish Olympic swimmers and more than 50 swimmers have for the last four months successfully tested THEMAGIC5’s goggles across all levels. One of them is the Danish national team member and recent World Championship Swimmer Anders Nielsen.

“I am very excited about THEMAGIC5’s product. It makes a tremendous difference in training. It makes training much more enjoyable. With traditional goggles, there are issues with how comfortable the goggles are; water leakage, and they leave marks on your face that stays for hours. THEMAGIC, which is my preferred goggles of choice now, really solves all these issues. It feels like you’re swimming without goggles as the pressure on your face is minimal,” he says to Florida Swim Network.

How it works

The company has developed a new groundbreaking technology that can 3D outline your face directly through your smartphone on THEMAGIC5′s app. Based on the 3D animation, your swimming goggles are custom fitted to perfectly match the shape of your face. THEMAGIC5-goggles prevent discomfort and water leakage, which enables swimmers on all levels to optimize their training.

With the slogan “One size shall fit only one”, THEMAGIC5 wants to challenge the status quo for swimming goggles. The company has invented new technologies and re-thought the design and production process of the product – “all of this to ensure the best swimming experience for you,” says THEMAGIC5 CO-founder Rasmus Barfred.
The Danish startup has decided to move their headquarters to Charlotte, NC in order to be in the best position to go after the US market. Their ambition should not be taken lightly as the company wants to challenge the larger players in the industry.

“We have an ambition to be the leading player globally. We introduce a product and a technology the world has never seen before. Because of this, we are extremely fortunate that swimmers at the World Championship-level has shown such appreciation for our goggles,” says Rasmus Barfred.

Innovation Fund Denmark has funded the company with $43,000 towards development and production of the goggles.

Swimming gear news is courtesy of THEMAGIC5, a SwimSwam Partner. 

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