Germany Stages Multi-Olympic Qualification Meets

As published on SwimSwam Deutsch last week, the Olympic qualification period for German swimmers has been determined as April 1st – April 18th, with the primary selection meet set for Berlin April 16th to 18th.

Additional qualification opportunities reside at in Heidelberg on April 3rd & 4th, as well as Magdeburg on April 1oth & 11th and Dortmund on April 17th & 18th.

German swimmers arleady having auqlaified for the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games include Florian Wellbrock, Sarah Kohler, Franziska Hentke, Laura Riedemann, Marius Kusch, Marco Koch, Philip Heintz and Hacob Heitdtmann.

“We are happy that things are finally getting started and of course we are hoping for a lot of top performances in April,” said national coach Hannes Vitense. “It was long enough time to get into position. Now it’s time for a showdown.”

Below are the links to the meet specifications:

>> Announcement of the qualification competition in Heidelberg (April 3rd and 4th)

>> Announcement of the qualification competition in Magdeburg (April 10th and 11th)

>> Announcement of the qualification competition in Dortmund (April 17th / 18th)

>> Announcement DSV Olympic qualification pool swimming in Berlin (April 16-18)

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