Georgia Men, Texas A&M Women Lead CSCAA All-Scholar Teams

The Collegiate Swim Coaches Association has announced it’s annual All-Academic Awards for both teams and individual swimmers. These lists are a great way to recognize teams that serve as dual threats- excelling both in the pool and in the classroom.

Men’s Team Awards

The top 5 Division 1 men’s teams were:

  • American University (3.463 GPA)
  • Georgetown University (3.426 GPA)
  • New York University (3.41 GPA)
  • Syracuse University (3.36 GPA)
  • Xavier University (3.35 GPA)

Special recognition is due to the Big East Conference, which is home to 3 out of the top 7 teams (Georgetown, Syracuse, Notre Dame).

The Georgia men, who finished 8th at NCAA’s, had the highest GPA of all teams that finished in the top 10 at NCAA’s. They were 19th, with a cumulative mark of 3.21.

Click here for the complete Men’s Rankings.

Women’s Team Awards

  • Gardner-Webb University (3.625 GPA)
  • University of Evansville (3.59 GPA)
  • Lafayette College (3.57 GPA)
  • American University (3.568 GPA)
  • George Washington University (3.55 GPA)

The University of Arkansas, with the 9th highest GPA in the land, had a higher GPA than any other major-conference women’s program.

The Purdue Women were the only team to finish in the top 20 both at NCAA’s and in the All-Scholars list, coming in at 16th in both instances. Texas A&M, which scored 6th at NCAA’s, was the highest-ranked top 10 team, coming in with the 27th highest GPA.

Clemson, which is facing extinction after the 2012 season, also made the All-Scholar list, strengthening their case that the team’s contributions to the University extend far beyond the pool.

See here for the complete Women’s Rankings.

Division II, Division III, NAIA Awards

The Division leaders for the lower divisions of NCAA Swimming were:

Division II Men-Colorado School of  Mines (3.39)
Division II Women-Univeristy of Indianapolis (3.74)
Division III Men-Oberlin College (3.57)
Division III Women-King’s College (3.74)
NAIA Men-University of the Cumberlands (3.10)
NAIA Women-College of Saint Mary (3.38)

Division I Individual Awards

These lists are not ranked,  and do not list individual athletes’ GPA’s, but a few notable teams jump out. The women’s National Champion Florida Gators had 14 individuals make the list, which is the second most of any program. The only team that beat them? Texas A&M, which had an astonishing 18 athletes make the All-Scholar list, including Elite 88 award winner Ella Doerge and 2010 100 freestyle individual champion Julia Wilkinson.

On the men’s side, 2010 Champ Texas had 5 swimmers on the men’s All-Scholar list, which is only half the size of the women’s roster. Notre Dame leads the way for the men.

A notable exception from the lists was Stanford, which has a strong academic reputation, but appears to have not applied for All-Scholar status.

Links to all of the complete lists can be found on the CSCAA website at

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