Gary Hall Jr. Discusses Possible Cure For Type 1 Diabetes (Video)

In a brief forty-three second video, former three-time Olympic swimmer Gary Hall Jr. gives a testimony on his type 1 Diabetes diagnosis from seventeen years ago and his long-term efforts advocating for a possible cure. The five-time Olympic gold medalist first became aware of his condition in preparation for the Sydney Olympic Games and since then has traveled across America encouraging children of the coming cure for disease. Type 1 Diabetes prevents the pancreas organ from producing insulin, the necessary hormone used to move glucose from the bloodstream into the sugar-requiring cells of the body, a predicament for any able-bodied person or an Olympic caliber athlete such as Hall Jr. to cope with.

Hall Jr. points out ever since he was promised a cure within ten years of his diagnosis and his constant support for an impending cure to America’s youth that he’s struggled with that message. Now he’s given his full attention to the plausible medical ability of cellular therapy being able to provide the cure that he and so many others have been waiting for. Partnering with the Stem for Life Foundation, a medical organization who promotes the acceleration of cellular therapy practices, Hall Jr. hopes to fulfill those promises by using what cellular therapy has to offer.

As defined by the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, cell therapy is the administration of live whole cells or maturation of a specific cell population in a patient for the treatment of a disease, with treatment strategies including isolation and transfer of specific stem cell populations, administration of effector cells, induction of mature cells to become pluripotent cells, and reprogramming of mature cells.




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Note that embryonic stem cells are a dead end. They are talking about adult cells curing things here.

Once an organization trying to cure something brings up embryonic stem cell cures, that organization is immediately boycotted by the religious right.

Lane Four

Then let them boycott.

Lane Four

I could care less about the religious right.


Is there a religious left or a religious centre?If I go buddhist where will.I end up ?

Cynthia mae Curran

Well, I have pre-diabetes II. So, hopefully there is a cure tor that as well.

Irish Ringer

Hard to say. With type II diabetes at least you have a chance in many cases to take corrective actions with diet and exercise since your pancreas still produces insulin, just not enough to handle the carb/sugar intake. I know that’s not 100% of the cases, but a good many of them. Type I your pancreas creates no insulin so no matter what you have to take insulin injections. The pancreas has basically shutdown and no longer functions.

Two different causes, but maybe this could treat both of them.

Cynthia mae Curran

Well, I have pre-diabetes II. So, hopefully there is a cure tor that as well.


Diet and exercise…

Also gastric bypass but thats a little overkill.

Percy Vere

If it was as simple as that for Type 1 diabetics, then we wouldn’t need athletes like Olympic swimmer, Gary Hall Jr, championing for a cure

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