Former Arizona Swimmer Hogsed Sues University For Alleged Negligence

by Retta Race 154

August 21st, 2017 College, Lifestyle, National, News, Pac-12

We reported last month that, after 2 years as a Wildcat, 21-year-old Nicholas Hogsed was making the move from swimming to at the University of Arizona to becoming an Ohio State Buckeye. A Courthouse News Service article has been published this week, giving insight into what may have served as underlying motivation for the move.

Per the article, Hogsed has sued the University of Arizona, claiming that he was beaten by an unnamed teammate in August 2016. The claim also alleges that then-Head Coach Rick DeMont ‘berated, ridiculed and ostracized’ Hogsed until he was forced to give up his scholarship and leave the university.

After 30 years with the program and 4 as Head Coach, DeMont retired earlier this year. Augie Busch has since been named as Arizona’s new Head Coach.

In the official complaint filed to the court of Pima County, Hogsed’s attorney wrote that “Instead of taking any action to address the hostility, Coach DeMont retaliated against him by repeatedly blaming, demeaning and belittling plaintiff for reporting the matter to the U of A dean of students.”

When Hogsed reportedly asked for clearance to transfer out of Arizona, the swimmer says DeMont would ‘only sign if he dropped his complaint with the dean of students.’ Hogsed eventually left the university after allegedly suffering ‘weight loss, anxiety, flashbacks in dreams, stress, fear and headaches.’

He seeks damages for negligence, negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress, medical expenses, lost educational opportunities and costs of suit.

Per the Courthouse News Service, a spokesman for the University of Arizona declined comment, saying he was ‘not aware’ of the lawsuit. When we reached out for comment, the school once again declined, citing its policy of not commenting on pending litigation.

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Wow. Definitely explains DeMont’s rather abrupt retirement.
Also might shed some light on all the transfers. I’d imagine something like this might be a bit divisive for members of the team as some of them might have seen things in a different light and might have supported different sides.


I strongly disagree


That is the most rational/sensible comment you will see on this topic folks!


It’s just also completely based on assumptions from a single sided story. I think the general reporting here feels incomplete, though not ill minded. It feels that there are holes in the story that are made to be filled with people making assumptions like the one above.

Steve Nolan

I’m preemptively cringing at what’s to come.


Well, of course you are because you’ve only heard one side of the story. Welcome to 2017.

Blair Bish

How about you don’t speculate about why people retired/ left. I can guarantee I didn’t leave because of anything involving this nonsense suit, and Rocked didn’t leave because of this cancerous teammates allegations.


Seeing how The U of A men’s team has crumbled since Demont took over sounds like him, his coaching staff, and the culture he bread are the true cancers of the program.

UofA Wildcat

Not completely accurate. Rick took over a team that had a extraordinary amount of issues left by a previous coach. My program probably would have crumbled under all but the best head coaches.

Terrible situation

At least U of A is bringing in UVA coach that handled hazing so well… oh wait.
UM brings in hazers, OSU accepts talented victim of hateful crime. Interesting.

Just sayin



The towel snapping on the buttocks can hurt!

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