Fomer Waynesboro (PA) YMCA Swim Coach Charged With Indecent Assault of a Minor

Former Waynesboro YMCA swim coach Emily Miller was charged with indecent assault after a swimmer reported that she’d sexually abused him.

FOX43 reports that the 30-year-old Miller has been charged with corruption of minors, indecent exposure, and indecent assault. Police say Miller was coaching for the Waynesboro YMCA when the alleged abuses occurred. The swimmer was between 11 and 13 years old, according to police, and the abuse allegations center around three separate swim meets in February of 2016, March of 2017, and March of 2018.

The swimmer reported the allegations to the Franklin County Children’s Advocacy Center, saying Miller had “gotten naked” in front of him and encouraged him to rub lotion on her. Miller is also accused of touching the boy’s genitals and forcing him to touch hers.

The criminal complaint alleges that Miller’s husband was also present during at least one incident.

The Waynesboro YMCA released a statement saying that Miller is no longer an employee, according to FOX43:

“We were saddened to learn of a criminal complaint against Emily Miller, a former employee of the Waynesboro Area YMCA, alleging abuse of a minor.
Upon learning of this criminal complaint, the Y was fully supportive and compliant with the recommendations of local authorities. Ms. Miller is not currently an employee of the Y.

At the Waynesboro Area YMCA, the safety and wellbeing of all children in our community is a top priority. We conduct thorough screenings and regular trainings for all Y employees. While these alleged incidents did not occur at the Y or in our program, we remain focused and diligent on the safety of our members.”

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1 month ago

I’m big on process. Probably everyone around this child went thru safe sport training and followed those processes. So what went wrong. How’d this kid end up in a hotel room w/ just his coach present? How’d the kid not report it?

I’m not asking rhetorical questions. This is a subject near to me as over a decade ago, one of my children was on a team whose on-deck coach has now been permanently banned from USA swimming (my kid wasn’t part of any of the reason for the ban).

Like most of you here, we’ve taken safe-sport training, yet here we are. This happened purportedly 3 times over the years.

Apologies if I’m jumping the gun, but would like… Read more »

Reply to  exswimmer-ish
1 month ago

Some parents are absent and safesport training is NOT mandatory for athletes. The latter is a gap USAS can but apparently refuses to fill.

Reply to  Snarky
1 month ago

Safe sport doesn’t really teach you anything. If you’re a predator you’re going to be a predatory even with the training. It’s a sad life.

50M Pools Rule
Reply to  Lolala
1 month ago

Nailed it.

Reply to  exswimmer-ish
1 month ago

I’m not trying to be a jerk but you need to educate yourself a little more before you ask why an 11 year old kid didn’t report his 26 year old coach.

Reply to  MarkB
1 month ago

I’ve no idea why the kid didn’t.

We can both guess.

This kind of thing bothers me, and I’m frustrated that it’s still happening.

G dog
Reply to  Exswimmerish
1 month ago

Victims of child abuse find it hard to speak out, out of fear of embarassment, being manipulated by the assaulted to not speak up or in some cases because groomed by the assaulted to think they are in love

stefanie ganuae
Reply to  exswimmer-ish
1 month ago

most likely the coach’s child.

50M Pools Rule
1 month ago

“The criminal complaint alleges that Miller’s husband was also present during at least one incident.”


Reply to  50M Pools Rule
1 month ago

Eeewww. Just puke yuck

Reply to  50M Pools Rule
1 month ago

I’m from the area that this happened. The husband was also arrested a few months prior for sexually assaulting two minors.

1 month ago

I might be missing something here and apologies if so, but this sounds like it happened on a travel meet and if so, why was an 11-13 yr old on a travel trip and without a parent it seems? I thought kids of a certain age needed a parent on the trip

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