FINIS Brings To Life The Future Of Coaching

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February 13th, 2018 Industry, News

FINIS, Inc., the worldwide leader in technical swim products, is proud to announce (yet another) innovative swim product that solves a problem coaches have had since the beginning of time: not being able to communicate directly with their swimmers as they swim. The Swim Coach Communicator uses Bluetooth® to connect your smartphone to a receiver attached to the swimmer’s goggle strap. Equipped with FINIS’ patented bone conduction audio, coaches can deliver crystal-clear instructions and feedback to their swimmers in real time.

What else does #TeamFINIS love about the Swim Coach Communicator?

  1. It is SIMPLE. All you need is your smartphone and the FREE FINIS Live™ mobile app. No messing around with radio transmitters here!
  2. It prevents BAD HABITS. Instantly correct your swimmers’ stroke imperfections before they become habits
  3. It will make you more EFFICIENT. Fewer interruptions during practice means maximum yards/meters swum!


FINIS was founded by Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Pablo Morales in 1993. Pablo’s influence as one of the world’s greatest butterfliers led to the development of the Monofin. Thus, our tradition of providing high-quality and creative technical products to the swimming world began. We have worked with an extensive list of coaches and swimmers over the past 23 years to create products that optimize training and competitive performance, resulting in FINIS being regarded today as the Worldwide Leader in Technical Swimming Development.

The FINIS staff includes swimmers and coaches from around the world with distribution centers in 37 countries including Australia, South Africa, Japan, and Europe. Our goal is to help swimming advance on all levels.

Swim gear news courtesy of FINIS, Inc., a SwimSwam partner. 

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6 years ago

What about talking to multiple swimmers at once and individually?

Reply to  Chris
6 years ago

You can only speak to one swimmer at a time – due to the limitations of Bluetooth

Steve Nolan
6 years ago

I for sure thought this was going to be some stupid app to track workouts, of which there are 10,000 and they are all bad.

But this seems cool as hell, giving real-time feedback on the rare head-up work is my favorite thing.

Justin Wright
6 years ago

No! I’ve been working on this exact idea for 30 years! Back to the drawing board I guess ? Has anyone made pace clock goggles yet??