FINA Allocating up to $5.2 Million USD for Olympic Aquatics Support Program

by Spencer Penland 0

September 08th, 2021 International, News

In one of the FINA’s recent announcements, the international governing body outlined the launch of a revised Olympic Aquatics Support Program. The goal of the OASP is to provide money to FINA’s National Member Federations, which can be used to continue to the development of aquatic sports at all levels. In FINA’s press release, it says all National Member Federations are eligible to apply, which is a change from years, past, where there was stringent criteria to be eligible for the money.

For this most recent round of OASP funds, FINA is allocating up to 70% of their IOC TV rights share from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, which will total a maximum OASP fund of $5.2 million USD. This also marks the highest share of OASP money available to National Member Federations since the original OASP program launched in 2018.

Speaking on the new OASP program, FINA president Captain Husain Al-Musallam said “FINA is committed not only to increase the support to its members that need it the most, but to ensure that all of them comply with the minimum standards of good governance that will strengthen and optimise their organisational capacities and potential.” He went on to say that “The new format of this programme will encourage our members to make sure that their organisation is up to date while offering a higher level of support to be redistributed among our athletes.”

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