FAST Breaks Ground on New 1,200-Spectator Pool in Florida

by Nicole Miller 13

November 23rd, 2020 Industry, News

Florida Aquatics Swimming and Training (FAST) is currently in the process of constructing a new, state-of-the-art aquatics facility that will be one of the largest in the country. 

Developers began to plan the facility following the announcement from the College of Central Florida that it would be closing its Newton A. Perry Aquatic Complex, which left high school and club teams around the community without a place to swim.

The facility is expected to be amongst the largest indoor and outdoor swimming facilities in the country once it is completed in late 2021. Both of its main pools will be home to several regional-level and possibly national-level competitions, as it has both an indoor 10-lane 50 meter/ 25 yard competition pool and a 8-lane 50 meter/25 yard/25 meter outdoor competition pool.


Currently, the indoor pool is expected to have the capacity to hold over 2,000 people, with room for over 800 swimmers on deck and 1,200 in the stands. 

In addition to both pools, the facility will also house a state of the art drylands facility for swimmers to utilize out of the water, spacious locker rooms, and an event-space lawn for families to utilize during meets. Complementing these will be a splash pad, complete with lounge area and a concession stand.


FAST Fact Sheet, via Florida Aquatics Swimming and Training

Although the pool’s official opening has not been set, construction is currently underway on the facility, which is located in Southwest Ocala. 


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4 months ago


4 months ago

Does anyone know if the indoor pool will have bulkheads?
Will the facility have diving boards/towers?

Reply to  Dan
4 months ago

While the bulkhead question was not one we thought to ask, I’m almost certain that it will. I can’t imagine spending this much money on a pool and not adding a bulkhead.

We’ll circle back to confirm about both that and the diving platforms, though.

CBT Lover
4 months ago

that one guy didn’t get the no mask memo