Ever Found Yourself Thinking…

Courtesy of IKKOS, a SwimSwam partner

Ever found yourself thinking…

We all want our chance, our shot. We know, deep-down inside, we are better than how fast we are swimming. We feel it every time we are disappointed by our results. Swim coach, swimmer, student, teacher.

Very few of us are the ones for which great swims come easily. Very few of us are the special ones.  We are the underdogs. We are the ‘almost’ or ‘not quite’.  We didn’t have the best of everything, or, often, anything. We were given ‘pretty goods’ or ‘maybes’ or ‘you know, just do what I say’ when we needed the best because, at that moment, we aren’t the special ones.

What we need is to be shown the way – the best way – for us to get to the top, to at least give us an all-out shot.  We never asked for a guarantee of greatness. We just want a real chance to be the best swimmers or coaches we can be. We want to truly see that the daily grind matters.

We have it in us. Our dedication shows it. Our commitment does, too. Let’s not settle for the limits others give us. Let’s refuse to listen to ‘what we can or can’t do’ in this sport. We have one chance in this thing called life. Let’s be an example for others. Reach. Dream. Find the best answers. Put in the work. The results will exceed theirs – and maybe even our own – expectations.

IKKOS vertical tower banner ad, May 1st, 2014We deserve the opportunity to be great.

All the best,

The IKKOS Team: We make some mind-blowing stuff to help you get the most out of you. For real.

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What is IKKOS

Technology + Neuroscience = Miraculous Movement

IKKOS is an innovative learning system that rapidly teaches anyone who wants to learn or relearn physical movement – in minutes.

IKKOS combines groundbreaking technology with the latest in neuroscience research, specifically, the principles of neuroplasticity. It is the creative integration of an Olympic swim coach’s commitment to his athletes’ pursuit of excellence, his deep interest in neuroscience and pragmatic use of technology that delivered this unique method called IKKOS. 

The Name IKKOS

IKKOS (pronounced E-kos) is named after Ikkos of Tarentum, the first recorded Olympic coach in ancient Greece. Ikkos was known as “the trainer of champions.” After winning the pentathlon at the 84th Olympiad in 444 B.C., he became known for his coaching ability and led two fellow Tarentine athletes to win the same event.

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USRPT fanatics would love this… It’s SCIENCE!!