Ellie Cole Leads Paralympic Finals In Brisbane


The Para Grand Prix taking place in conjunction with Australian World Swimming Trials got underway today in Brisbane, with swimmers fine-tuning their crafts ahead of September’s World Para Swimming Championships in London.

Rio Paralympian Lakeisha Patterson won the women’s 400m free multi-class (S9), hitting a time fo 4:41.96 for 819 points, followed by Jenna Jones (S13) who notched 4:58.80 for 656 points.

Liam Schluter (S14), a silver medalist at last year’s Commonwealth Games, put down a solid 1:57.78 in the men’s 200m free multi-class for a monster 948 points ahead of Jack Ireland (S14) from Uni of Queensland. Ireland settled for silver in 2:00.58 for 884 points.

It wouldn’t be a Paralympic meet in Oceania without veteran Ellie Cole and the S9 swimmer performed in style tonight, taking the women’s 100m back in 1:10.63 (879 points).

Central Cairns’ Grant ‘Scooter’ Patterson (SM3) got it done in the men’s 150m IM multi-class, getting a gold in 3:06.76 for 631 points in a narrow victory over Melbourne Vicentre’s Ahmed Kelly. Kelly hit a time of 3:07.14 for 627 points.

Note: All para events were swum as multi-class races, meaning athletes from all classifications competed in the same event, with the para-swimmer attaining the highest point score crowned the winner. The Multi-Class Point Score (MCPS) has been developed to provide a simplified way for swimmers and coaches to measure and compare performances. The MCPS is based on the World Record (WR) times for each classification, but also takes into account weightings for non-Paralympic events that are not raced by other countries around the world.

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1 year ago

Beats me why these veteran Paralympians are putting up with whats happening to their sport. Don’t they care? They need to look to the Olympians, they are far more courageous and do speak up about issues – Horton, Campbell etc..

Yet another conflicting story from the ‘lucky’ one.
Paralympic star Lakeisha Patterson on cerebral palsy, disability, Rio 2016 – PlayersVoice

Reply to  MichaelC
1 year ago

Michael, with what I have heard out of Australia, a lot of the veteran swimmers are not prepared to talk due to the possibility of being reprimanded and losing their spot on a team but are waiting until they retire.

Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

If that is true Mary, then that behaviour is as reprehensible as the cheating. They don’t deserve to represent their country. I take it they enjoy funding? Coming forward post retirement is pathetic sportsmanship and such actions should lead to repaying funding and returning relay medals if applicable. It’s far more pleasing to follow the Australian Olympic Swimmers these days.

Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

Won’t hold my breath for that one.

Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

Well said Mary and so very true.

1 year ago

You think Lakeisha is a joke wait till you see the new GB S8 Brock Winston this swimmer was S10 with no real times in that class
GB put her up for IPC Classification which the muppet classifies made her S7 and then after swim S8

This girl makes Lakeisha look disabled and rumour has it Australia are devastated that their S10 was not looked at.

GB will do anything to win
Alice tia
Megan richter
Now Brock

Gold silver and bronze
Cheats will prosper

Reply to  Mark
1 year ago

Brilliantly stated Mark.

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