Dutch Women Destroy SCM 200 Free Relay World Record In 1:32.50 (Video)

While the ISL season wrapped up a month ago, the late 2020 short course meter record surge hasn’t stopped yet.

The Dutch women absolutely annihilated the world record in the 200 freestyle relay, competing at the Wouda Cup, as the team of Ranomi KromowidjojoMaaike de WaardKim Busch and Femke Heemskerk combined for a time of 1:32.50.

The relay was done in a time trial format, with only one team competing in clean water attempting to hit the record.

That swim puts the quartet three-quarters of a second under the fastest time ever, a 1:33.25 done by the Netherlands at the 2009 European Championships, while the official world record stood at 1:33.91 from the Dutch team at the 2017 SC Euros.

The 2009 swim was never officially recognized as a world record, instead denoted as a “World Best”, just like the French men’s 200 free relay in 2008, though both are official European Records.

Kromowidjojo led off in 23.05, just over a tenth outside her individual world record in the 50 free (22.93) for the third-fastest swim in history. de Waard (23.16), Busch (23.47) shored up the middle legs before Heemskerk dropped a blistering 22.82 on the anchor leg.

Heemskerk’s split is among the fastest in history — Kromowidjojo has been 22.70 on two separate occasions, Hinkelien Schreuder dropped a 22.81 on the 2009 relay, and Marleen Veldhuis has been as fast as 22.82. This is not Heemskerk’s first sub-23 split, however, as she clocked in at 22.90 on the mixed 200 free relay at the 2018 SC Worlds.

During the 2020 ISL season, Kromowidjojo’s fastest time in the 50 came in at 23.37, ranking her second in the league behind Polish swimmer Kasia Wasick (23.30). Kromo’s world record time of 22.93 was set in August of 2017 on the FINA World Cup circuit, and her fastest swim since had been a 23.19 at the 2018 SC Worlds.

The 30-year-old three-time Olympic champion has actually been a member of all three record-setting teams, while Heemskerk was also on the 2017 relay.

Inge Dekker, Schreuder and Saskia de Jonge joined Kromowidjojo in 2009, while Tamara van Vliet and Valerie van Roon teamed up with Kromowidjojo and Heemskerk in 2017.


2009 Euros 2017 Euros 2020 Wouda Cup
Dekker – 23.53 Kromowidjojo – 23.42 Kromowidjojo – 23.05
Schreuder – 22.81 Heemskerk – 23.19 de Waard – 23.16
de Jonge – 23.88 van Vliet – 23.65 Busch – 23.47
Kromowidjojo – 23.03 van Roon – 23.65 Heemskerk – 22.82
1:33.25 1:33.91 1:32.50


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11 months ago

23.05 AND 22.82 HOLY COW

11 months ago

Sweet lord of all that is pure and holy

cmon speedo
11 months ago

should it count as a WR if you swim alone with clean water though?

Reply to  cmon speedo
11 months ago

I mean Ledecky’s records count 😉😉

College Swimmer
Reply to  cmon speedo
11 months ago

Its actually a fair question – leadoffs of mixed relays dont count for this reason, right?

Reply to  College Swimmer
11 months ago


Reply to  College Swimmer
11 months ago

They don’t count because they dont want a woman to get an unfair advantage by dragging of a man.

Reply to  Prettykitten
11 months ago

Put the women in lane 1 and the men in 8

Reply to  cmon speedo
11 months ago

If they measure the water temperature and the pool length, do a number check on the suits and have all four do a doping test, I am pretty sure it counts

Reply to  swimdad
11 months ago

Just a question why would water temperature have to be checked?

11 months ago


11 months ago

Wow. What a way to end of the year for these women.

BTW, not only did Heemskerk split 22.82, but she did it with a pretty bad turn as well.

11 months ago

serious respect for Kromowidjojo and Heemskerk – incredible speed and longevity, true legends.

Sean S
11 months ago

I would be interested to see reaction times. That first relay exchange looked very aggressive. Phenomenal swims all around though.

11 months ago

According to her Instagram Kromowidjojo also swam a 24.49 50 fly.

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