Dutch Ministry of Sport Offers Financial Support In Coronavirus Pandemic

The Netherlands’ Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport is making an extra 110 million euros available for sports associations financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Per the organization’s announcement on May 1st, “On the proposal of Minister Van Rijn for Medical Care, the Council of Ministers has agreed to come to the aid of the clubs so that they can continue to serve youth and their infrastructure can be preserved, with the idea that sports clubs will soon be able to open their doors again for all Dutch people.”

Dutch Minister for Medical Care, Martin van Rijn says of the support, “The sports association is a place where many people come together. Not only to move, but also as a social meeting place. With the support package, we can support the sports associations that are struggling financially due to the consequences of the Coronavirus and which the government is appealing to right now.”

90 million euros will support clubs in paying rent through June 1st, while 20 million euros will assist clubs with various impacts such as turnover of staff and general expenses. Each sports association is a one-off allowance of up to 2500 euros.

The Ministry will continue to monitor the effects of the coronavirus on Dutch sport and assess additional support needs as time passes.

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