Drury Leads CSCAA All-American List for Division II with 30 Nominees

The Collegiate Swim Coaches Association of America has announced their 2012-2013 All-American Teams, with first-team honors awarded to those who finish in the top 8 of a relay or an individual event at the National Championship meet, and 9th-16th place finishers handed Honorable Mention All-American honors.

Note that athletes are listed in a group based on their highest-placing event.

Not surprisingly, the Drury men and women, who were both the National Champions in Division II, have the most swimmers on this list with a full 30 from their men’s and women’s teams combined. That’s very nearly full NCAA rosters worth of All-Americans: a depth that shows why they’re so dominant at the Division II level.

Other top teams:

  • Drury, 30
  • Wayne State, 25
  • UC – San Diego, 25
  • Incarnate Word, 23
  • Wingate, 21
  • Grand Canyon, 18
  • Florida Southern, 18

Division II Women – First Team

Name                                           School

Adams, Margot           Alaska Fairbanks

Alyabyeva, Ekaterina                     Drury

Amog, Jaclyn                  UC-San Diego

Andrews, Tinsley                          Drury

Arakelian, Caroline            Queens (NC)

Arzadon, Jasmine                       Wingate

Ausdenmoore, Rachael              Ashland

Azambuja, Ana                    Wayne State

Barone, Mia                       West Chester

Bartholomew, Laurel                     Drury

Bell, Tiffany                                  Drury

Black, Erin                Nova Southeastern

Boudreaux, Meridith          Queens (NC)

Bransford, Ashley     Nova Southeastern

Brauer, Caitlin                        Saint Rose

Brazier, Meghan                       LIU Post

Brown, Julie                      Shippensburg

Brown, Molly                                Drury

Burns, Heather             Florida Southern

Carastro, Lauren                 West Chester

Carden, Catherine         Florida Southern

Chapple, Lauren        Nova Southeastern

Chekanovych, Mariya        Simon Fraser

Chen, Eva                        UC-San Diego

Coan, Rebecca                 Grand Canyon

Cooke, Kelsey                 Incarnate Word

Cornet, Charlotte                        Wingate

Corriveau, Ashley               Wayne State

Cossey, Nicole                   Simon Fraser

Craig, Kellyn                   St. Cloud State

Crain, Erica                      CSU-East Bay

Crandall, Stephanie          St. Cloud State

Crenshaw, Allison        Florida Southern

Daley, Colleen                 UC-San Diego

Day, Kristin                                 Clarion

Dembny, Valerie                        Wingate

Denise, Caitlin                 CSU-East Bay

Diemer, Kristin                  Queens (NC)

Dolinski, Kaylee                  Wayne State

Domeier, Alexandra        St. Cloud State

Donahue, Maura                  Indianapolis

Dong, Bethany                UC-San Diego

Doran, Stephanie          Florida Southern

Enslin, Clarissa               California (PA)

Felchak, Mikayla            Incarnate Word

Fish, Ana                                   Wingate

Fountain, Olivia               UC-San Diego

Freeman, Molly              Incarnate Word

Garriock, Tamara                      LIU Post

Glenday, Heather                          Tampa


Good, Hayley                      Indianapolis


Gordy, Lillian                    Queens (NC)

Gouge, Kelsey              Florida Southern

Greenhill, Alexandria                   Tampa

Haines, Jacquelyn                          Drury

Hart, Erin                         St. Cloud State

Heller, Bente                Alaska Fairbanks

Hipolito, Alexandra                      Tampa

Holmstrom, Kaley                       Findlay

Jones, Seren                             LIU Post

Kassl, Kristine                              Tampa

Kearney, Molly         Northern Michigan

Kelley, Fallon                     Queens (NC)

Kortman, Paige                    Wayne State

Koryukova, Rita                         Wingate

Kotsur, Inha                     Grand Canyon

Kula, Audrey                               Rollins

Kwok, Joyce                             LIU Post

Lawson, Kristine                Simon Fraser

Leeson, Kelsey                St. Cloud State

Lents, Kali                       Incarnate Word

Long, Elizabeth                          Ashland

Lopez, Jenel                     CSU-East Bay

Lowe, Victoria                Incarnate Word

Lynch, Mychala               Grand Canyon

Madeira, Julia                      Indianapolis

Madsen, Caitlyn                 Grand Valley

Magnani, Samantha         Grand Canyon

Maleski, Ellyson                  Wayne State

Malfroid, Alexandria           Wayne State

Mancini, Nicola                           Bentley

Maraskine, Sarah                 Wayne State

Mattar, Hannah                          Ashland

McGoldrick, Meghann   Incarnate Word

McNichol, Kassandra         West Chester

Mock, Lauren                    Queens (NC)

Morrow, Adrienne          Incarnate Word

Murphy, Kaylyn                        Ashland

Murtaugh, Codyanne         West Chester

Nascimento, Tamiris       Incarnate Word

Nguyen, Lana                 Incarnate Word

Novichenko, Kristina           Wayne State

Ostrowska, Agnieszka                  Drury

Pettersson, Johanna                  LIU Post

Pheil, Kathryn                            Wingate

Piche, Kylie                                  Tampa

Plachy, Erin                                  Tampa

Polito, Catherine              Grand Canyon

Prentis, Kei Cze                   Wayne State

Pullen, Sarah                                 Drury

Raihle, Victoria                St. Cloud State

Rasmussen, Abigail         St. Cloud State

Reed, Leah                                     Drury

Rehrig, Brittany                   Lock Haven

Reynolds, Lauren         Florida Southern

Ricard, Risa                         Indianapolis

Robbins, Sierra                UC-San Diego

Rojo, Brittany                  CSU-East Bay

Rudman, Stacey               Grand Canyon

Saurborn, Kathryn                    Fairmont

Schmidt, Paige                           Wingate

Schofield, Alexandria        Simon Fraser

Scott, Kayla                         Wayne State

Sechena, Madisen     Northern Michigan

Sevald, Carly                       Wayne State

Shakya, Anjali                 UC-San Diego

Shull, Kayla                                 Clarion

Soerensen, Marthe                    LIU Post

Somer, Kendall                   West Chester

Sorenson, Deanna                         Drury

Speer, Elly                                  Wingate

Stein, Gretchen                              Drury

Thomas, Amanda            Southern Conn

Thomas, Naomi               UC-San Diego

Tse, Katherine                  UC-San Diego

Vallier, Danielle                 Grand Valley

Verdugo-Arzaluz, Gabriela        Ashland

Walley, Alexis                    West Chester

Watkins, Darielle             UC-San Diego

Wessler, Julie                             Wingate

Widmann, Julie                          Ashland

Wiercinski, Taylor             Grand Valley

Winslow, Megan                West Chester

Yu, Wai Ting                                 Drury

Zerfoss, Sarah                             Clarion

Zielinski, Kristen       Nova Southeastern

Division II Men – First Team

Name                                           School

Aakesson, Erik                  Grand Valley

Abascal Gallegos, Joaquin  Wayne State

Arabejo, Ryan                               Drury

Arvidsson, Ossian                     Wingate

Assis, Matheus                        Saint Leo

Baker, Dwight                               Drury

Blazevski, Marko                       Wingate

Borja, Banjo                                  Drury

Branning, Michael           Grand Canyon

Brotherton, Tanner           Grand Canyon

Brouwer, Alex                Incarnate Word

Bryson, Alex                   St. Cloud State

Burdis, Karl                                  Tampa

Calhoun, Heath                            Clarion

Chan, Daniel                        Indianapolis

Chede, Conrado              Incarnate Word

Cswerko, Raymond        Southern Conn

Dilman, Artur                                Drury

Dole, Jacob                      Missouri S&T

Driesenga, Darrin                Wayne State

Drogemuller, Brandon                   Lewis

Duncan, Justin                             Clarion

Edwards, Zachary         Florida Southern

Eriksson, Niclas                 Queens (NC)

Espiritu, Julius                 UC-San Diego

Fattakhov, Vyacheslav           Bridgeport

Fedyna, Rostyslav          Incarnate Word

Feely, John                      Grand Canyon

Fernandez Vilanova, Lucas Wayne State

Ferreira, Miguel            Florida Southern

Ferrero, Gianni                  Grand Valley

Garrastazu, Raul           Florida Southern

Gibson, Evante                  Queens (NC)

Gimenez, Ruben                     Bridgeport

Griffith, Michael                Grand Valley

Gutierrez, Allan            Florida Southern

Halfacre, Jeffrey           Florida Southern

Hayes, John              Nova Southeastern

Hennebach, Karl-Richard       Delta State

Hesche, Nathan                   Wayne State

Holmberg, Sebastian                 Catawba

House, Kyle                       Queens (NC)

Jachowicz, Piotr                  Wayne State

Johnson, Dylon                          Wingate

Julyan, Rory                               Wingate

Karvonen, Eetu                Grand Canyon

Keown, Gabriel                        Saint Leo

Kerc, Aljaz                       Missouri S&T

Kida, Everton                   Grand Canyon

Kniffler, Tim                              Wingate

Korth, Nicholas               UC-San Diego

Kosater, Hayden                Queens (NC)

Kovacs, Norbert                           Tampa

Kowal, Igor                                   Drury

Kuzmin, Stanislav                          Drury

Larsen, Kristian                   Wayne State

Li, Paul                            UC-San Diego

Magalis, Tyler                 St. Cloud State

Marken, Aaron                  Grand Valley

Martin, Brock                 Colorado-Mesa

McCallum, Reid              UC-San Diego

McCarthy, Nicholas                      Drury

Meagher, William                       Wingate

Medo, Milan                      Grand Valley

Mehlan, Florian         Nova Southeastern

Menke, Alex                      Queens (NC)

Merrill, Alexander           UC-San Diego

Miller, Brandon                          Wingate

Montseny Diez, Jordi Joan            Drury

Morrison, Brian               Grand Canyon

Nechunaev, Ivan              Grand Canyon

Nguyen, Thomas          Florida Southern

Nikishenko, Andrii         Incarnate Word

Nordstrand, Oskar    Nova Southeastern

Olson, Samuel                               Drury

Padalkin, Olexandr                        Drury

Parravicini, Thiago          Incarnate Word

Paskas, Vladislav                   Bridgeport

Pelczynski, Kacper                        Drury

Pereiro, Oscar                        Bridgeport

Peterson, Alexander     Florida Southern

Phelps, Zachary                 Queens (NC)

Pietrzak, Artur                        Bridgeport

Reder, Calvin                       Wayne State

Reeves, Joseph               Incarnate Word

Requejo, Milton                       Saint Leo

Rojas, Luis                   Florida Southern

Rubin, Mark                   Incarnate Word

Runsten, Tyler                 UC-San Diego

Schlesinger, Marcus      Ouachita Baptist

Shores, Kyle                    Grand Canyon

Sidorkin, Vladimir                         Drury

Silva, Evandro                Incarnate Word

Smith, Jeremy                  UC-San Diego

Sponsler, Keith                 Missouri S&T

Stassi, Dane                     UC-San Diego

Strathmeyer, Bradley          West Chester

Swan, Robert                Florida Southern

Swietlicki, Daniel                          Drury

Szegedi, Dylan                    Wayne State

Taylor, Kyle                         Wayne State

Tolosa, Juan                 Florida Southern

Torres Samaniego, Daniel Incarnate Word

Trenda, Pawel                          Saint Leo

Trice, Michael                    Queens (NC)

Tucker, James                          Mars Hill

Turner, Taylor                  Grand Canyon

Waganaar, Spencer                     Wingate

Wahlers, Thomas             Grand Canyon

Ward, Joseph                               Clarion

Weber, Luke                    St. Cloud State

Westby, Taylor                              Drury

White, Christopher          St. Cloud State

Wilk, Krzysztof                      Bridgeport

Zeraidi, Issam                             Wingate

Zieger, Matthew               Missouri S&T

Zislin, Michael          Nova Southeastern

Women – Honorable Mention

Adams, Casey                 UC-San Diego

Alzaga, Ana              Northern Michigan

Bennet, Crystal         Northern Michigan

Bennett, Lauren               Incarnate Word

Branning, Jaclyn              Grand Canyon

Buckley, Amelia                 West Chester

Cardenas, Julia                Incarnate Word

Carmigniani, Thalie                         Lynn

Geddis, Alex                       Wayne State

Gilbert, Amanda                         Wingate

Grier, Alexis                      West Chester

Gysegem, Emilee                         Clarion

Hodsdon, Jessica                        Bentley

Hon, Sandy                     UC-San Diego

Jennings, Amanda          Colorado-Mesa

Konrad, Jordyn                  Simon Fraser

Leary, Chelsea                  Henderson St.

Loesch, Hannah                   Wayne State

McIntyre, Anna            Florida Southern

Mitidieri, Allyson               Indiana (PA)

Mitzelfeld, Emily                 Wayne State

Morgen, Celeste              Incarnate Word

Murphy, Michelle              West Chester

Nam, Carmen                     Simon Fraser

O’Brien, Mercedes           UC-San Diego

O’Donnell, Tara                       LeMoyne

Parker, Catherine                          Tampa

Pillsbury, Makenzie         St. Cloud State

Potgieter, Tyne                                Lynn

Reidler, Sara                              Ashland

Reynolds, Allie                              Drury

Rocheleau, Jessica     Nova Southeastern

Roeser, Sarah                     Grand Valley

Russell, Jennifer                       Converse

Schaffer, Gabriella                       Clarion

Schultz, Olivia                   Grand Valley

Slayton, Lauren                           Clarion

Taha, Razan                            Limestone

Vulpetti, Katie                    Grand Valley

Whalen, Kaitlyn              Incarnate Word

Wilder, Courtney                 Indianapolis

Woodson, Mary              St. Cloud State

Zucco, Eduarda                          Wingate

Men – Honorable Mention

Aldabe, Oscar           Nova Southeastern

Aldaboos, Khalid                          Tampa

Allard, Jesse                                  Drury

Calkins, Luke                  UC-San Diego

Chambers, Cameron  Nova Southeastern

Cizmar, Ivan                             Lake Erie

Cozzi, Michael                         Saint Leo

Doran, Kevin                                Tampa

El Hazzaz, Mehdi           Colorado-Mesa

Feher, Sean                                    Drury

Fisher, Cheyne                           Ashland

Fisher, Robert                   Henderson St.

Goldfarb, Ethan                Missouri S&T

Grant, Jeffrey                      Wayne State

Grebenyuk, Bogdan           West Chester

Haley, Jared                       West Chester

Hranac, Zane                                Tampa

Humphrey, David                         Tampa

James, Nicholas                Henderson St.

Janzen, David               Florida Southern

Jonsson, Trevor              Incarnate Word

Kardol, Sven                      Grand Valley

Krell, Derek                                  Tampa

Larmon, Nicholas                        Clarion

Leung, Michael                UC-San Diego

Manzo, Felipe                               Tampa

McLain, Jacob               Ouachita Baptist

McVey, Cory                                Drury

Milecz, Adam                   Henderson St.

Moffatt, Kody               Ouachita Baptist

Mykhailov, Danylo          Missouri S&T

Nys, Yvan                              Delta State

Offutt, Tyler                         Indianapolis

Petrovski, Damjan                      Wingate

Porter, Brandon               Grand Canyon

Rice, Adam                      UC-San Diego

Rooney, Aaron                St. Cloud State

Rybinski, Dawid                  Indianapolis

Schranck, Andrew           Missouri S&T

Scott, Kenton                 Ouachita Baptist

Sheil, Alexander                        Ashland

Simek, Jerod                          Truman St.

Simpson, Esau          Nova Southeastern

Taylor, Benjamin               Queens (NC)

Villemez, Aaron               Henderson St.

Werner, Josh                                Tampa

White, Kevin                        Wayne State

Wiener, Bryan                               Lewis

Yen, Adam                      UC-San Diego

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