Drag+Fly Product Spotlight

Drag+Fly is an innovative, resistance-based swim training device.

Drag+Fly is Australian-designed and patented.

The exclusive US distributor is All American Swim Supply.

All American Swim Supply is a swimswam partner, and they sent me the product a few months ago to try. 

A lot of products circulate through the elite swimming ranks. They’re tested and used by the top coaches to see if they’re worth a big push. Drag+Fly is one of those products, and in the process of circulating among the top talent, it has gained good word-of-mouth. The chatter on deck at swim meets has been positive.

Brett Hawke, Head Swim Coach at Auburn University (himself a former world-class sprinter, and coach to some of the fastest sprinters in history), has this to say:

“We can set the Drag + Fly for long slow swims or change the resistance for short powerful bursts. I find myself using it as a training aid every day, and I would highly recommend it to all levels of swimmer.”

All American Swim Supply

Drag+Fly is designed to increase a swimmers’ power and to improve their technique in the water.  The cone design offers swimmers varied levels of resistance by opening and closing the aperture. Thankfully, opening and closing the aperture is super-quick and easy.

So, you’re descending on a set, pushing your speed, and you only have seconds between repeats.  If you’re an animal and you want to double-down on your  power output as well, you can open the aperture fast, then push off the wall, revving your engine to the hilt. Resistance training devices, often times, only engage a select group of muscles. Because Drag+Fly is a well-balanced resistance training tool used in the water while you’re swimming, it forces you to stroke harder, making you engage core muscles throughout your entire stroke cycle.

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10 years ago

Runners use the almost same thing on dry land…great idea to adapt it to the pool to get more power.

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