Dirk Lange Denies Reports Banned Chinese Coach Is Coaching In Turkey

German swim coach Dirk Lange responded to reports last week that a banned Chinese swim coach was on deck at a camp in his facility in Turkey, categorically denying all allegations.

Multiple media outlets reported last week that Zhou Ming, a Chinese coach banned for life for involvement in a systematic doping program back in 1998, was on deck coaching Chinese swimmers who were at a training camp in Turkey.

The Chinese group is training at the Gloria Sports Centre in Belek, Turkey, where the famed German coach Lange runs camps under his Dirk Lange Personal Training banner. Lange talked to SwimSwam, denying all claims that his camp included Zhou.

“I can say for myself that I do not personally know the man and have never knowingly collaborated with him,” he said. “All athletes, even the Chinese, who work with Dirk Lange Personal Training… are cared for exclusively by me or my coaches.

“Each of my salaried managers and business partners, including the Chinese team leaders, assured me that Ming has never even worked in one of my camps with one of my athletes directly or indirectly.”

Lange did note that athletes do have free time – “I can’t keep anyone 100% under control. I cannot say what happens in training-free time.” – but roundly denied any knowledge of his athletes working with Zhou.

Lange also publicly criticized the allegations against him via his Facebook page, even implying that legal action would be considered.

Jared Anderson contributed to this report.

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