Destro Machines Unveils Breakthrough New Training Product

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May 21st, 2020 Training

The SwiMeter is the first ever low-cost velocity measuring device for Swim Towers.

The SwiMeter Integrates with all Destro Machines Towers to allow for super accurate distance or speed measurements.

How It Works

The SwiMeter is easily attached to one of our Swim Towers in under 5 minutes. Next, you can select if you want to measure in Yards or Meters. Finally, just use the tower as you normally would, but have the added benefit of high accuracy split tracking. The device will allow you to move around on the wall until you are ready to begin. Once you are ready to start timing the rep, just push off and watch the SwiMeter instantly start timing. The device will stop timing once you stop, or once you’ve traveled 25 yards or meters. When you are happy; just press the reset button to clear the screen for the next rep. When you are done, just press the power button and walk away.


  • The SwiMeter measures and displays swimming splits for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 (Yards or Meters)
  • Track and monitor progress over time
  • See instantly how technique changes impact swimming times.
  • Time Starts & Breakouts


  • High Accuracy to 0.01 seconds
  • Distance Accuracy to 1.5 Inches.

Other Benefits

  • 10 Hour Removable & Rechargeable Battery
  • Rust Proof
  • Patent Pending SmartPulley Technology offers the highest sensing resolution and accuracy possible.

Tablet & Phone Integration

  • The device will be Wifi and Bluetooth capable for many additional features
  • Our App is currently in development and will be released at a later date
  • The App is planned to include many features not limited to
    • Velocity Graphing
    • Video & Velocity Graph Synchronization
    • Side By Side Multi Video Comparison
    • Analysis Algorithms
    • Cloud Based Storage
  • This App will be frequently updated with additional features as coaches demand.

“I graduated from Purdue University in 2014 as a mechanical engineer and swimmer. I was lucky enough compete against and practice with some of the best athletes in the world at the 2012 & 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials, and NCAA Div I Championships. Afterwards, I spent several years as a machine designer in automotive and manufacturing facilities. What I learned is that making an athlete is a lot like making a machine. When we build a machine, we use exact measurements, designs, plans, schedules, and conduct trials. After each revision, we quantify performance and make the appropriate changes until we have the perfect performance. This is how swimmers should be training, but we don’t yet have the technology available to train this effectively. I founded Destro Machines so that I could develop the tools our sport needs to escape the dark ages of training. It is my promise to develop the best training technology that the swimming world has ever seen. Machines aren’t just what we make, Machines are who we make.”

― Chuck Destro, Co-Founder

About Destro Machines

Destro Machines is a family and swimmer owned company. We were founded in 2015 when we realized that swimmers and coaches were lacking the effective and affordable training technology required for them to reach their goals. Our team of engineers, has spent years working with Division I College and top tier highschool programs to develop equipment that’s not only less expensive, but also more effective than any other resistance training system available.

Courtesy: Destro Machines, a SwimSwam partner. 

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