Dennis Pursley Hired as Head Coach at Alabama

  17 Braden Keith | May 10th, 2012 | College, News

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After a long, challenging process, the University of Alabama has hired one of their own, former Alabama swimmer Dennis Pursley, as their newest head coach.

Pursley is one of the most highly-credentialed coaches in the world, which is probably why in 2003 he was named as one of the 25 most influential people in the history of USA Swimming.

Among his stops since graduating from Alabama in 1973 include 14 years as the USA Swimming National Team Director, and most recently as the head of British Swimming, where he has guided the program to a renaissance.

He made his break early in his career as the coach who led Mary T. Meagher to her first World Records; Meagher is still widely regarded as one of the best age group swimmers of all time.

Other stops include such illustrious programs as the Olympian Swim Club in Edmonton, as the first leader of the Australian Institute of Sport, and with the Cincinnati Marlins.

Despite all of his successes, it has been some time since Pursley has spent significant time in the team-specific environment, with most of his recent gigs coming in the higher ranks of National Teams.

Still, Pursley has demonstrated an incredible knowledge of the sport, and through his different experiences as a coach on three different continents, he has a ton of wisdom to give out.

Pursley had already announced that he would be returning home to the United States after the Olympics, and now that path is redirected to Tuscaloosa. Now in his early 60’s, he won’t be a “forever” answer for the Crimson Tide, but he’s certainly got at least a decade left in him to turn the program around.

He’ll have some good tools to work with – including rising freestyler BJ Hornikel, and reports that a brand new facility is on its way.

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Pat, the diving coach, has worked with six, yes, six head coaches at Bama, including the Ed Reed interim year with zero, yes, zero dual meet wins. Word is he packed up his office the day after McI was let go. Hope that’s not true. He’s been the only shining spot there for quite some time.

Word is that Pat will be retained. Maybe the new facility will be named after him? Good man!

Rick Allred
I hope his new assistant coaches are selected soon. Since Coach Pursley will remain in England until the swimming portion of the Olympics are done, he will have to hit the ground running once he arrives in Tuscaloosa. The assistant coaches will be required to supervise practice session, inspire new swimmers, and develop a positive morale for the entire team. On paper, their current group of recruits are rather weak. Hopefully with the hiring of this amazing head coach and plans for a much needed new swimming facility, recruiting.will be greatly enhanced. I am excited about the future of BAMA swimming and diving. New head coaches usually want to select his/her own group of assistant coaches. Will the current diving… Read more »

Unlike Chizik, Pursley won’t be arriving with fresh, uber-losing coaching record. Say it’s caused by him or someone else working for him there, but teams sure seem to progress, improve and succeed, coincidentally enough, while he’s there. Bring on the coincidences!

Very well put. Besides, unlike Chizik, Pursley has all his teeth!

Ha, true enough. Seriously, I think Dennis has the knowledge and experience to be as successful as he wants to be, as long as the UA administration gives him the resources for top notch staff and facilities.


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