Delfina Athletics Launches Its First Limited-Edition Swim Collection

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July 15th, 2021 Gear, Industry, News

Courtesy of Delfina Athletics, a SwimSwam partner.

The lights of Tokyo are so bright, it is said that they flicker in the eyes of even our most distant explorers. Astronauts blink twice as they whirl by, entranced and mystified. Even from millions of miles away, they understand the importance of looking outward onto something bigger than yourself.

This summer will look different for many athletes. After over a year in the dark, we are slowly venturing back out into the brightness. But here at Delfina Athletics, we know that the dream doesn’t stop when the lights go off. Whether you’re an athlete, entrepreneur, parent, or essential worker, the past year has called for all of us to find the light within ourselves. Because the light was never a tangible thing, but rather that thing that beats inside of us every day, that thing that gets us out of bed and into the pool. It is the spirit inside all of us that reminds us that the journey was always the destination, not the other way around.

In collaboration with Austin-based artist Jodie King, the Tokyo Lights collection features colors, textures, and patterns inspired by the Shinjuku and Shibuya districts of Tokyo, known for their particularly magnetic fluorescence. This collection was created to give each person not only a piece of Tokyo, but a piece of the dream it represents – the drive of the athlete, and the determination to continue onward each day, regardless of how far into the future we can see. Dreams of the next great adventure, the next goal to accomplish, the next hoop to leap through, and the lights that continue to guide us along the way.


The Tokyo Lights Collection bears a particular significance to Delfina’s founder, Nina Sadauskas. A multi-time Olympian herself, and an attendee of every game since 2008, Sadauskas understands the significance of this summer in Tokyo, both for those competing and those at home. With community in her heart, she collaborated with her close friend down in Austin, Texas, fine-artist Jodie King, to bring her vision of the Tokyo lights to life. “Swimming sculpted who I am in countless ways – as an athlete, but also as a mother, an entrepreneur, a teammate, and a friend,” reflects Sadauskas. “I wanted to make a collection that would embody all of these things, while also bringing a piece of Tokyo to all fans, who can’t be there right now.”


The ultimate one-stop-shop for all aquatic gear needs, Delfina Athletics supplies high-quality custom products to swim clubs, high schools and athletic organizations across the country and beyond. With over 20 years of experience as a premier aquatic sports gear supplier, and consistent representation at the biggest athletic forums, Delfina Ltd prides itself on delivering superior products, impressive design work and exclusive service. Collaborating with local teams and expanding rapidly throughout the country, Delfina’s products are rooted in the power of team-spirit, and in never forgetting the joy of the sport.


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