DART Swimming Leads ASCA’s Top 100 Age Group Teams of 2023

by Spencer Penland 22

June 07th, 2023 Club, National, News

The American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) released their 2023 Top 100 Age Groups Teams on Wednesday. The rankings are based solely on 10 & under and 11-12 age groups. Per the ASCA release, the top ranked swimmers in the 10&U and 11-12 age groups for the 2022 Long Course season and 2022-23 Short Course season were compiled. Swimmers were scored for 1st through 20th place in individual events only; no relays included in these rankings.

You can find the full ASCA press release here.

Taking a look at these rankings, the West coast really showed out, with DART, Irvine Novaquatics, and Crow Canyon Sharks taking the top three spots. Of note, there is a wide margin between the top two teams and the rest of the field, while the standings are pretty tight from there on out.

Also worth mentioning, Sandpipers of Nevada, without question one of the highest performing clubs at the senior level currently, did not make this list of top 100 age group teams for 2023. Similarly, Elmbrook Swim Club, which won the girls team title at the 2022 Speedo Junior Nationals last summer, didn’t make this list either. Carmel Swim Club, which won the combined team title at last summer’s Junior Nationals, had a relatively high ranking on this list, coming in at 28th.

On the other side of the ledger, Dynamo Swim Club won the boys team title at Junior Nationals last summer and came in fourth in this list of top age group teams. Of course, Junior Nationals team finishes are just one of many metrics we could use to measure success at the senior level of club swimming. It should be taken into account that teams don’t always go to Summer Junior Nationals. For example, DART only sent one swimmer to the meet, while a highly competitive senior team like Sandpipers didn’t attend the meet at all.

While looking at success at the senior level, we could also take a look at the 2022-2023 USA Swimming Club Excellence program. SwimMAC Carolina came in first in this year’s Club Excellence standings, and they tied for 46th in these age group rankings. TAC Titans was second in Club Excellence and came in 26th in the age group rankings.

So, without further ado, here is full list of ASCA’s top 100 age group teams for 2023:

Place Score
Team Name and LSC
1 950
DART Swimming, SN
2 819
Irvine Novaquatics, CA
3 582
Crow Canyon Sharks, PC
4 562
Dynamo Swim Club, GA
5 537
Terrapins Swim Team, PC
6 516
NASA Wildcat Aquatics, IL
7 480
Long Island Aquatic Club, MR
8 445
Club Wolverine, MI
9 428
NOVA of Virginia Aquatics, Inc, VA
10 403
Santa Clara Swim Club, PC
11 399
Saint Petersburg Aquatics, FL
12 363
Lakeside Aquatic Club, NT
13 353
West Coast Aquatics, PN
14 348
Sacramento Aquatics Club, SN
15 346
Pleasanton Seahawks, PC
16 339
Aquazot Swim Club, CA
17 327
CSP Tideriders, OZ
18 318
Jersey Wahoos, MA
19 309
North Baltimore Aquatic Club, MD
20 291
North Carolina Aquatic Club, NC
21 275
Greensboro Community YMCA, NC
22 256
Machine Aquatics, PV
23 255
Lakeside Swim Team, KY
24 248
Opelika Swim Team, SE
25 233
Mansfield Aquatic Club, NT
26 227 TAC Titans, NC
27 225
La Mirada Armada, CA
28 220
Carmel Swim Club, IN
29 217
Tide Swimming, VA
30 206
Aquajets Swim Team, MN
31 202
Nation’s Capital Swim Club, PV
32 199
North Channel Aquatics, GU
33 197
Swim Florida, FL
34 194
Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club, GU
35 193
Dads Club Swim Team, GU
36 192
Madison Aquatic Club, WI
37 190
Falfins Swimming, CO
38 185
Rochester Swim Club, MN
39 182
Beach Cities Swimming, CA
40 180
BeFirst Swim Team, MA
41 161
Denver Swim Academy, CO
41 161
SwimAtlanta, GA
43 158
Nitro Swimming, ST
44 157
Racer X Aquatics, AM
45 156
Fox Chapel Killer Whales, AM
46 155
Saint Andrew’s Aquatics, FG
46 155
SwimMAC Carolina, NC
48 154
Alamo Area Aquatic Association, ST
49 153
Life Time Arizona Swim Team, AZ
50 151
Suburban Seahawks Club, MA
51 146
Academy Bullets Swim Club, IL
52 137
Mission Viejo Nadadores, CA
53 133
Eagle Aquatics, FG
54 132
Bolles School Sharks, FL
54 132
Olympic Cascade Aquatics, PN
56 129
Club Olympia Swim Team, IN
57 127
Katy Aquatic Team For Youth, GU
58 126
Quicksilver Swimming, PC
58 126
South Jersey Aquatic Club, MA
60 124
First Colony Swim Team, Inc., GU
61 121
Gold Medal Swim Club, AZ
62 120
Scottsdale Aquatic Club, AZ
63 118
QNS Aquatic Club, MR
64 117
Metro Area Life Time, NJ
65 113
Loggerhead Aquatics, FL
66 111
Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics, PC
67 110
City of Mobile Swim Association, SE
67 110
Magnolia Aquatic Club, GU
67 110
Rockville Montgomery Swim Club, PV
67 110
Stamford Sailfish Aquatic Club, CT
71 109
Schroeder YMCA Swim Team, WI
72 108
Eagle Swimming Association, GU
73 107
AnglerFish Aquatics, NE
74 106
TSM Aquatics, CA
75 105
Fog City Hammerheads, PC
76 104
Scarlet Aquatics, NJ
77 101
Rivertown Aquatics, MR
78 99
Nu Wave Swim Club, LA
79 97
Rocket Swim Club, OH
80 96
Gold’s Aquatic Club Camas, OR
80 96
New Albany Aquatic Club, OH
82 90
Franco’s Fins, LA
83 87
Gator Swim Club, NE
84 85
VillaSport Athletic Club & Spa, GU
85 84
New Wave Swim Team, NC
86 83
Bluefish Swim Club, NE
87 82
Rockwall Aquatic Center of Excellence, NT
88 81
Portland Aquatic Club, OR
89 79
Jupiter Dragons Swim Team, FG
90 78
Kamehameha Swim Club, HI
91 75
Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics, MR
91 75
Charger Aquatics, NM
93 74
Edina Swim Club, MN
94 71
Irish Aquatics, IN
94 71
Verona Area Swim Team, WI
96 70
Fox Swim Club, MD
97 69 BEAST, NM
97 69
North Bay Aquatics, PC
99 67
Glenbrook Swim Club, IL
99 67
Three Village Swim Club, MR

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3 months ago

SUPER INACCURATE. that’s all i need to say, like look at some of these teams! barely above average. i won’t call out any in particular like the fog city hammerheads to conserve feelings, but my team and many of yours have way more swimmers and much more skilled. none of these teams are bad, but just much smaller than some teams that didn’t make the list.

Last edited 3 months ago by Connor
Know it all
3 months ago

Quality over quantity and as it should be!

3 months ago

Dumbest list I’ve ever seen to gauge a team. A team with 1 good swimmer can be a top 20 team.

Reply to  Swimcoach
3 months ago

Yes, they should cap an individual contribution to maybe 100 points.

Reply to  ZThomas
3 months ago

Agree. Or limit the number of events that count towards the ranking.

3 months ago

This metric is silly – if you have 1 stud swimmer in any one age group you can easily be on the list. I am sure there are a few teams who did it on depth – but to say that a team is a great “age group” team because they have 1 kid killing it is not accurate at all.

Coach Tom
Reply to  SwimC
3 months ago

True, but USA Swimming and ASCA have made it pretty clear that they don’t really care about a club’s “depth” in terms of putting a bunch of kids on Division 1 teams every year. They primarily care about the studs who have the potential to make the National Team.

As far as the organizations who create the rankings are concerned, having 1 stud with the potential of going to the Olympics is preferable to having 100 kids who will swim in college but never sniff the National Team roster. The metrics used merely reflect that mindset.

Reply to  Coach Tom
3 months ago

But, seriously…1 fast 10 year old will get you in the top 25 on this list. 9-10 times aren’t exactly consistent with who is going to the Olympics.

Coach Tom
Reply to  Swimcoach
3 months ago

Yeah, I tend to agree. But I’m also not sure what the perfect system is. Maybe scale it so that each age group is worth progressively more points?

It’s tricky. Like you said, I don’t think having one fast 10 year old is an indication of a “top” club. But if you extend the scoring criteria out too far, the list will just be dominated by the largest clubs. While this list isn’t perfect, it does seem to have a decent mix of small and large clubs.

The Original Tim
3 months ago

My one takeaway from this article is that Dads Club Swim Team is an amazing team name!

3 months ago

Is this metric even important?

3 months ago

Can I venture a guess that these might have been drawn from USA Swims database, specifically long course which is wildly inaccurate?

3 months ago

USA Swimming Club excellence rankings are a better metric than Junior National meet results.to use for identifying the development of 18&Under talent. As you pointed out, some teams don’t even attend the junior meet.

Reply to  FLCoach
3 months ago

VCC is also a very effective tool

More info
Reply to  Swums
3 months ago

I like VCC a lot, but would like it more if there was a way to customize results (have results populate based on chosen events) because if you are a smaller team, it is hard to fill every event under the current parameters. It would also be cool if you were able to filter by club size.

Small team coach
Reply to  More info
3 months ago

You can filter VCC in your club portal to view it by every metric possible (club size, event, specific strokes, zones, etc). One of the nice new editions in the site upgrade

More info
Reply to  Small team coach
3 months ago

But doesn’t it only show your team’s results? Does it allow you to rank and compare to other teams? For instance, can you find out which team has the most points for 11-12y?

Reply to  More info
3 months ago

terrapins most likely.