Daniel Gyurta Clips 200 Breast World Record

  7 Davis Wuolle | August 01st, 2012 | London 2012 Olympics, News

Hungary’s Daniel Gyurta put away another world record from 2009 tonight, taking down Christian Sprenger‘s (AUS) record from the 2009 World Championships in Rome. Gyurta posted a 2:07.28 shaving 0.03 off the world record which stood at 2:07.31 and also taking down the Olympic Record which stood at 2:07.64.

Kosuke Kitajima, the reigning Olympic Champion and record holder, took the race out strong, under world record pace with Gyurta following close behind. Gyurta pulled away on the third fifty. On the final lap, Gyurta’s stroke rate picked up greatly as he (successfully) tried to hold off hometown favourite Michael Jamieson (GBR) who touched for silver in 2:07.43. Kitajima dropped off the pace, fading to fourth and being passed for the bronze by his countryman, Ryo Tateishi (JPN). Tateishi finished at 2:08.29 besting Kitajima by 0.06.

Daniel Gyurta broke onto the international scene at the Athens Olmypics in 2004 by winning the silver medal in the 200m Breaststroke to Kosuke Kitajima at the young age of fifteen. Gyurta missed the podium in Beijing but rebounded with World Championships in the 200 Breast in 2009 and 2011.

Splits Compared:

Women’s 200m IM 50m 100m (50m) 150m (50m) 200m (50m)
Christian Sprenger (Rome 2009) WR 28.91 1:01.51 (32.60) 1:34.49 (32.98) 2:07.31(32.82)
Daniel Gyurta (London 2012) WR 29.19 1:01.56 (32.37) 1:34.16 (32.60) 2:07.28 (33.12)


Christian Sprenger’s World Record from Rome 2009:



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@Paella747: Not too much known about him. He has wife and 2 daughters. I’ve heard about the swimming school, too. Don’t know if it still exists.

Thanks for taking the time to repond! Guess I’d better get to Hungary and track him down!
Too bad MALEV is no more! 🙁

@TKRISZ: Thanks so much for that update! You mentioned Darnyi, and I was wondering if you had any updates on him! I was a huge fan of his in high school and college, and got to meet him at the 1990 Goodwill Games. There doesn’t seem to be as many articles about him and what he’s up to. I did read something about a sports school he runs, but that is all. Any info? 🙂

@KIRT: He gained popularity in Hungary after Athens and focused not only on swimming for a couple of years. The rumors about partying maybe true maybe false, but it’s fact that he played a side role in a popular daily soap opera. He was actually quite good again already in Beijing, finished 5th. Unfortunately, swam his best time not in the final but in the semi.
Tamás Szécsi, the Hungarian “swimming pope” (trainer of 4 times olympic champion Darnyi and other Hungarian olympic champions) said about Gyurta (then 13 or 14) shortly before his death: “This boy will be once olympic champion.” He was true in this, as well.


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