Now They Call It: Rogan DQ’ed for Illegal Breaststroke Dolphin Kick

  8 Braden Keith | August 01st, 2012 | London 2012 Olympics, News

After multiple DQ’s in the final of the men’s 100 breaststroke, clearly visible with underwater camera shots, went uncalled, the officials of the Olympics have decided to make their stand against illegal dolphin kicks on breaststroke: in the men’s 200 IM semifinal.

Austria’s Markus Rogan was DQ’ed in the semi-finals of the men’s 200 IM for an illegal dolphin kick after turning from backstroke to breaststroke. The decision seems to have been with the timing and placement of the kick, rather than the number. Though the call was protested by his Austrian federation, it would not have mattered as Rogan’s time would have placed him only in 9th place and out of the final regardless. The protest was eventually denied by FINA.

Update: This DQ becomes much bigger after Chad le Clos scratched the 200 IM, which would’ve bumped Rogan into the final.

It was not an ideal ending to a fantastic career. Rogan won silver medals in both backstrokes at the 2004 Olympics, and has grown into one of his country’s biggest sports stars. He was honored this year by being allowed to carry the country’s Olympic flag in their opening ceremony.

He gave an indication that this was the end after the prelims, where he told Austrian newspaper Kurier that “I will fight in the semifinals to extend my career by 24 hours. I’ll beg, I’ll bite, I’ll fight and scream for one more day”.

Rogan has developed a reputation as one of the most charismatic personalities in sports. The 30-year old will certainly have an offer for opportunities in broadcasting, should he so choose to pursue them.

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i had a sophomore go 4:08 who become a victim of this awfully worded rule in the 4im this year because he pushed off hands already seperated (he can be incredibly la5y) and didn’t further seperate before the kick…..

i don’t think you can even call this a rule at this point…it is more like a subjective guideline that gets called differently all the time because it is impossible to see and the wording is poorly constructed

The rules are quite specific. The dolphin kick must be after the arm pull. The interpretation of both FINA and USA Swimming rules committee is that the separation of the hands is the initiation of the arm pull. If the swimmer leaves the wall with the hands already separated, then additional separation is required before the dolphin kick.

Now, the way officials enforce the rule may be inconsistent, but the rule’s language is very straightforward.

ohhh, and open to interpretation – that’s is the half-assed excuse I got from the ref – his (the s&t judge’s)”interpretation” of the pull/out – rule caused him to be dqd – l a m e

I’ve always thought it was a mistake that the dolphin kick was allowed after separation of the hands but before the pulldown. Just too hard to call. I think they should change the wording to say something like they do with the back turn where a “continuous ” pull is required.

Clearly the slow motion replay shows hands in streamline, hands separated, then the dolphin kick. DQ is a fiasco. Just add it to the list of amateur hour for officials in the finals

1) Women’s 100Br press the start button instead of speaker, then failure to allow swimmers to set in 2nd attempt
2) Triple kick on men’s 100Br start.


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